8 Things That Make You Want To Quit Social Media

Status updates like, "I have a problem, but I don't want to talk about it."

1. Humblebrags
"I’m not wearing any makeup, but I woke up like this and I look fabulous, so I’m going to post it on Instagram." Or, "I just ran 10-K and I look like shit, but here's a mirror selfie anyway to prove how a fantastic athlete I am." You’re welcome, followers. #blessed #nomakeup #nofilter #sun #love #goodmorning #sorrynotsorry.

2. Extreme public displays of affection
The occasional sweet messages and "I love you so much, babe" comments are understandable. In fact, we get kilig when we see how happy our friends are. But if you post your whole relationship on social media, it gets really annoying. We get it, you’re in love. Now go get a room!

3. Photos of your ex and/or his new girl popping up all over your newsfeed
Unfollow, block, mute, delete. There is no other way.

4. Disgusting clickbait videos that may or may not be viruses.
Whoever thought it was a good idea to post a video of a huge pimple being popped is seriously twisted. And why do people keep sharing it?! JUST STOP.

5. Photos that you are forced to like or share, or else you’ll go to hell.
“Like for Jesus, share for Satan.” Please don’t test our faith on social media. Plus, chain messages died in grade school, so can you not?

6. Papansin throwback pictures
#ImPostingThisPictureBecauseILookCuteAndIWantYouToLikeIt. But sometimes they’re really cute, so we’ll let it slide.

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7. “Likes for likes,” “like back please,” “follow me and I’ll follow you,” and other spam accounts
I don’t know you. Go away.

8. People who post long-ass emo status updates, but refuse to talk about it when people offer to help.
So basically you just want people to know that you’re sad? Alright, noted.

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