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8 Things That Should Never Happen In Your 20s

We hope you've outgrown the awkward phase of your life.

One of the best things about saying goodbye to your teen years is that awkward, embarrassing things shouldn’t happen to you anymore. Some behaviors come with a shelf life and there are just some things that aren’t as amusing once you hit your 20s. Here are some of them: 

1. Someone calling you by your pet name. 

Sure, “Babycoo” sounded really cute when you were five years old, but it’s high time you retire those pet names only your parents used. 


2. Getting “kiss bites” all over your neck.

There’s nothing wrong with having a passionate night but no one wants to see evidence all over your neck, especially if you have to show up for work the next day.


3. Blurting out the wrong name when you’re out on a date.

Even if you have someone else on your mind, this dating faux pas shouldn’t happen too often when you’re in your mid or late 20s. After all, you should have mastered the secrets of dating now, right? 

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4. Having “prettygirl01” or some other adjective-and-number combo as your e-mail handle.

This trend stopped being cool a long time ago and it’s really unprofessional to use it as your alternative e-mail at work.

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5. Replying to your boss’ e-mail in all caps.

Let’s brush up on our e-mail etiquette, shall we? 


6. Driving recklessly.

No one says you need to be an expert in parallel parking but every confident Cosmo girl should have learned defensive driving after being behind the wheel for a few years. 


7. Being in a relationship for the sake of being in one.

Even when there’s intense pressure to be part of a couple, your 20s are for enjoying life and for meeting lots of other people. Don’t jump into a relationship you don’t really want. 


8. Getting a back stain when you have your period.

Embarrassing? Yes. Totally normal? No. Back stains can be avoided by using a longer pad like Whisper Cottony Long. It’s +2 inches longer than your usual pad so you never have to worry about having to walk around with a jacket tied around your waist. 

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