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8 Ways To Give Your Life A Makeover

Make peace with someone you had a falling out with.

A makeover doesn’t always have to involve a hairdresser (although we must say that a great haircut works wonders!). Sometimes, it’s about leaving your old habits behind, introducing something different to your life, or starting anew. Feel like your life needs an overhaul right now? Here's how you can give yourself what you need! 

1. Go to work earlier than usual. Adjusting your alarm clock an hour or two ahead makes a HUGE difference. The traffic in EDSA won't be as bad, the lines at the MRT station won't be as long, and if you’re really early, you’ll have the whole office to yourself. Trust us: There’s nothing quite like working in an empty office at 6:30 a.m.! 

2. Make peace with someone you had a falling out with. You were best friends in college, but just before graduation, you two had a huge fight and decided not to stay in touch. Maybe it’s about time you mend fences. Be the first to reach out. 

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3. Watch an inspiring film. Down in the dumps? Schedule a movie night with your friends and pick titles that will uplift and encourage you to live your best life. 

4. Get your hair cut. We did say that a better cut works wonders. Transform your Rapunzel-like locks into a lob or turn your medium-length hair into a chic pixie cut.

5. ...or dyed. Not ready to chop your locks? Update your look with a new color instead. 

6. Learn a new language. When you learn to speak French, Italian, or Spanish, you’re not just embracing a new language, but a part of someone else’s culture. You can't help but see things from a different perspective. 

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7. Sign up for a gym membership. Exercising regularly doesn't just improve your health, but also makes you new friends. Girl friends who work out together get fit together. 

8. Try out a new restaurant. Food isn't just sustenance. It's an experience. Take it from National Geographic: "With it we make friends, court lovers, and count our blessings." If you've been eating at the same places or ordering the same meals all the time, then it's no wonder your palate has become a bit dull. Add a bit of excitement to your life. Challenge your friends to find the best steak house or dessert place in town, and enjoy every bite. 

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