8 Ways to Trick People Into Thinking You...

Whether you're looking to blow coworkers away with your shockingly good videoke voice or fake an expensive outfit, we have tips on making it happen.

1. …Know About A Current Event

Your guy’s parents love politics, so naturally, they start chatting you up about the latest developments in Batasan the minute you meet them. Didn’t read any broadsheets this week? Don’t freak out.

As soon as people venture into unfamiliar territory, start asking questions to get more info. Aim for the five Ws—who, what, why, where, and when—and avoid anything that they can answer with a yes or no, since it won’t clue you in. Try “What’s your take on that?” They’ll be so busy yapping away that they’ll forget to ask for yours.

Sources: Erin Andres, ESPN broadcaster; Henry Hitchings, author of How To Really Talk About Books You Haven't Read.

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2. …Have A High-End Wardrobe

Your rich bud’s weekend wedding is coming up, and the three-day festivities will be full of label snobs. Luckily, it’s easy to look expensive with these insider tricks.

• Hit up department stores like Robinsons, SM, or The Ramp at Crossings for designer gear at a fraction of the price.
Buy restructured-and-pre-loved or vintage items online at Multiply stores, or on The Mall, like Paperbag Vintage and Fashion Popperoo. Classic pieces always look chic.
Get new basics, like a good pair of black leggings and patterned tanks, to jazz up outfits.
Buy tops and dresses that look like they could be from anywhere. Layer on accessories, like an oversize ring or dangly earrings, to make your personal style come through.
Skip the knock-off designer handbag. It’s easy for people who have the real deal to spot a fake. Instead, spend the money you could pay for a knock-off on a nice non-label bag.

Sources: Saba Salehi and Laura Schuffman, ABC Family Network stylists

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3. …Like Them When You Actually Despise Them

Hey, for various reasons, you just have to do it sometimes. It’s hard, but letting people know that you think they stink can cause more drama than it’s worth.

No matter how much you dislike someone, smile when you see her. It automatically puts the other person at ease and causes endorphins to be released in your body, helping you scale back on those loathsome vibes. Keep your arms uncrossed, and lean forward a little when you talk—these body-language moves make that person think you enjoy her company. When you finally part ways, say something like “I’m glad we got a chance to chat.”

Source: Cynthia Lett, director of The International Society of Etiquette Professionals and author of That's So Annoying

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4. …Are Listening (When You’re Really Eavesdropping)

It sucks being stuck in a lame conversation—especially when you overhear the woman next to you mention that she’s hooking up with the guy who broke your heart in college.

Ask the person you’re talking to a question that will require a long answer, like “How did you and your boyfriend get together?” Then, check out from the other convo as soon as she starts talking. Just try to mirror her facial expressions—it’ll make her think you understand her. When you start to overhear a juicy bit in the convo next to you, root around in your purse for your lip balm. It buys you time before having to come up with a vague response. When you have to pony one up, try something like “Fascinating.”

Sources: Neurologist Richard Restak, author of Think Smart; Body-language expert Patti Wood

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5. …Can Dance

You don’t have to shake it like Beyoncé to look like you know what you’re doing. Work these simple tricks to turn heads.

Feel the rhythm. Your body instinctively responds to the beat, so take some time to really listen before you start moving. Close your eyes for a sec if you can’t concentrate.
Start out simple. Busting out complicated moves will make you look like an amateur if you don’t know them well. Try this: Stand with your arms at your side and your feet hip-width apart. Step to one side, starting with your right foot. Then, step in the same direction with your left foot so that your feet are hip-width apart again. Repeat in the other direction, then start again and keep the movement going.
Spice it up. Once you feel comfortable with this, swing your hips when you step, moving them back and forth with your feet. Whip your hair a little when you move.
Sell it. If you’re feeling a little shy, pretend that you’re an actress. You’re already in a sizzling outfit and heels, so play the role of a smoking hot dancer. Lock eyes with that cute guy across the room, run your hands through your hair, and throw in an oh-so-sexy lip bite to drive it home.

Source: Dancing With The Stars pro Karina Smirnoff

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6. …Have An Exciting Job

At a party, your guy’s snooty ex walks over and introduces herself. Turns out, she’s now working for [insert much cooler-sounding company here]. You, on the other hand, hate your job as assistant to the Boss From Hell.

Don’t lie, because you can get called out. Instead, highlight the things you love about your gig. Maybe your coworkers are a cool group of young people or your company does work you’re proud of. You don’t even need to throw in your job title. Instead, you can say, “I work for [insert your company’s name here]. It’s really great because.…” Try to look animated when you talk, and use your hands, which emphasizes that you’re amped about your job.

Source: Marketing expert Harry Beckwith, coauthor of You, Inc.

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7. …Remember Who They Are

We’ve all been there: A girl starts chatting with you at a party like you’re BFFs. Obviously, you’ve met before, but you have no freaking clue who she is.

As soon as you realize this isn’t your first encounter, plaster on an easy smile, since a “Who the hell are you?” face is usually the first thing that gives people away. Then, ask broad questions, like “So what’s new with you?” Her chatter might give you hints as to where you know her from. Meanwhile, try to pull someone else into the conversation, and say, “Have you two met before?” Your mystery friend should offer up her name.

Source: Daylle Deanna Schwartz, author of Nice Girls Can Finish First

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8. …Kick Ass at Videoke

These tips are guaranteed to make you good enough to wow your coworkers:

Pick the right song. Skip artists who can hit ridiculously high notes, like Whitney Houston or Justin Bieber. Instead, opt for anything by Colbie Caillat or Rihanna, since their ranges aren’t huge. And, try to pick a song that’s up-tempo—you won’t have to sustain high notes.
Pipe down. Rockeoke bars are loud, but try to keep your voice low when you’re chatting with people before your song. Talking loudly strains your voice and makes it harder to sound natural when it’s your turn.
Bend over. When you go to hit a note that’s a little higher, bend at the waist, like Christina Aguilera and Carrie Underwood do. The movement modifies the air pressure in your lungs and makes it easier to go high. Another trick: Pull the mic away from your mouth a little—it’ll muffle your voice slightly.

Source: Lis Lewis, a vocal coach in L.A. who has worked with Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, and Britney Spears

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