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9 Reasons Why Being A Flight Attendant Is The Best Job Ever

Looking classy is part of your job description.

1. You get to travel the world. Granted, you might not be able to stay in a certain country for too long, but that’s longer than most people will ever even experience. Plus, you’re getting paid for it!

2. Looking classy is part of your job description. Say what you want, but those uniforms have an extra luxurious vibe.


3. Can you say, “per diem?” That’s right, the allowance you get to spend abroad is awesome AF! Makeup shopping in Japan! Shoe shopping in HK! Bag shopping in Europe! SO. MUCH. WIN.

4. You get to meet a lot of interesting people. Okay, so some passengers can be jerks, but there are also some who’ll unexpectedly affect your life in a positive way.

5. It’s a great exercise in patience. Yes, it’s a service-oriented profession that will test your limits, and only the most patient will survive.

6. The camaraderie is inspiring. Working so closely with people inside a tiny vessel that flies from one country to another allows for some potent bonding sessions! #SquadGoals

7. Sleeping in fancy hotels all day, erryday! Flight was delayed? CHECK-IN TIME!

8. You’re exposed to various cultures. What other job allows you to have drinks with some rowdy Aussies at a cool bar in Sydney? Or have breakfast at a quaint café in Paris? Or see the different temples in Cambodia while on a layover?

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9. You’re always helping people. Whether it’s stowing their luggage in the overhead compartment, tutoring the whole cabin about their emergency exit strategy, or helping a passenger with the details of their connecting flight, you feel rewarded for doing so. It’s an honest living and that’s what matters the most.

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