9 Signs You’re A Girl Who Is GGSS

Gandang-ganda ka ba sa sarili mo?

1. Selfies dominate your Instagram and Facebook feed. There’s nothing wrong with a selfie (or three), just make sure to balance them with other interesting pictures that will engage your public.

2. Your favorite hashtags are #nofilter and #wokeuplikethis. You’re not fooling anyone. Everyone can tell that you totally used VSCOCAM to edit that snap!

3. Mirrors are your best friend! Every time you pass something that shows your reflection, you can’t help but admire your God-given gifts!

4. When people see you, you expect them to compliment you. And if they don't, your day will be affected. 

5. You dominate most conversations with your friends. And your topic of choice? YOU!

6. And when you’re not the center of attention, you pout and pander. Ilang taon ka na ba?

7. You’re known for doling out unsolicited beauty advice. No one asked for your opinion, girl!

8. You constantly throw shade at others for the way they look. Just because her foundation and lippie are nicer than yours, there’s no need to hate.

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9. People who care about you tell you to stop being so vain, but you take it the wrong way and get angry with them instead. Girl, it’s time to get over yourself. 

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