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9 Things That Happen To You When Your BFF Finally Gets A Boyfriend

"Sino kasama ko manood ng movies?" is a real problem.

It happens: You make 1/2 of a tag team that can rival the relationship of Solenn Heussaff and Georgina Wilson or Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift. Then, inevitably, she gets a boyfriend—leaving you single, alone, and totally without a shopping buddy. 

Here's what really happens when your best friend forever finally gets a new plus one who isn't YOU.

1. You hate him. You hate him a LOT.
"Sands, kami na! Francis is really nice. He likes sports. And he likes fashion. I think he's hilarious! And cute! God, he's so cute! You guys will get along. Please be friends with him?" is something your BFF tells you the moment her relationship becomes Facebook official.

So you agree to have lunch with them. You meet the guy. He's alright. You think his hair sticks out in all the weird places. He doesn't look cute? He doesn't look like he's into sports? And he's not that funny. Like, duh, you're funnier.

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You hate him from the get-go, because deep down you know you are never seeing your best friend again. Ever.

2. And it's true. You never see her.
Because now she has plans for the next 1,000 years. "Oh, I can't on Thursday. Chris and I are going to dinner, because 1 month na kami!" Or, "I'm so sorry, but I have to go to Jay's barkada thing. Maybe next time?" #UlulMo

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3. Hence, you have no one to watch movies with.

You:  Hey! Showing na yung bagong movie ni Toni Gonazaga. Wanna watch Friday?
Best friend: Ay, sorry! I'm watching with Gab na!
You: Oh.
Best friend: But you can watch with us?
You: Ay, hindi ok lang. :)

Yeah, so that smiley face? That is a trap. That smiley face means you are angry as hell. But your best friend doesn't get that. She doesn't understand! That smiley face? Yeah, it is also a code for, "Magbe-break rin kayo."

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4. You have so much free time now!
Seriously. You know how after a breakup you realize you can do so many things on your own? Oh my god, this feels exactly like that! 
You used to do everything with your best friend. Now you are the girl alone at a coffee shop, reading her Kindle. Every damn Saturday. 

5. You post weird status messages on Facebook as parinig.
"Some people are never meant to stay." #DamingHugot #Charaught

6. You feel sad shopping alone.
Because who is going to tell you not to buy that cute AF skirt because you have 10 more skirts that look like that at home?!

7. When you do have dinner with her, she always has to bring ~*him*~.
So, you plan an all-day Saturday date with your best friend—just like old times. But, to your surprise, she decides to bring him along and all your plans are ruined. RUINED! So you spend your entire lunch date looking at them look into each other's eyes.

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8. But when you do get to spend QT with her, she always has to talk about ~*him*~.
You don't know how many more times you have to listen to, "Mike is so great! He's the best!" Or, "Mike and I fought na naman. Should I break up with him?" Why can't you guys talk about normal BFF things like you used to? Like, Cute Guy At The Office or Cute Guy At The Bar. Or Fun Topics That Don't Involve Mike.

9. You are now the third wheel.
Which isn't so bad. But they now have inside jokes you don't get. And they stare into each other's souls so often, you want to strangle them. "GOD, I HATE COUPLES??"