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An Online Travel Guide For Chicks With Wanderlust

Play your holiday getaway with this new travel website from Summit Media!

Travel is a liberating experience.

Sometimes a trip can be spontaneous--a spur of the moment, drop-everything-and-go-where-the-wind-takes-you experience.

But more often than not, it takes a considerable amount of planning, researching, and asking around to make sure your dream vacation goes as planned.

Those just new to the traveling scene may find all of this daunting, especially when one does not know where to look, who to ask for help, or even where to begin! If you don’t know where to start, well, know this--getting there (wherever “there” is!) starts here:
is the first travel website from Summit Media and is a comprehensive online resource for anything and everything travel that aims to help you in your travel planning by providing concise information, breathtaking photos, and even travel anecdotes.

Travel rookies and seasoned travelers alike will appreciate how everything is all arranged and organized in easy-to-find, easy-to-use, and easy-to-read sections:

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Know before you go. It pays to do a little research and learn about the place you’re going to. What’s the weather like? What can I do there? What’s the main attraction? Browse through our Destination Guides to pick up information on key cities and provinces. Learn more about the culture and customs and what to expect at each locale. The section also gives you a rundown of notable attractions such as historic sites, natural wonders, and dining and shopping options.


No idea what to do when you get to where you’re going? Trip Files has suggestions for sights to see, things to try, and food to feast on.  Be inspired by Real Trips--personal accounts of how travelers went about their own trips. More than the first-hand narratives and amazing photos, you’ll also see their actual itinerary and budget to further help you decide if this is the trip for you. Trip Highlights, on the other hand, are about specific attractions and activities, while Trip Ideas are guides that offer destination itineraries recommended by travelers familiar with that locale.

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has also put together a comprehensive directory of travel-related suppliers—from hotels and resorts, travel agencies, dive instructors, local government tourism offices, and tour and activity operators—that readers can access to get updated contact information, photos, package rates, and more.’s database of suppliers can be sorted according to category or location, making it even easier for you to find, say, board and lodging in Albay or car rentals in Tagbilaran, Bohol.
will also post sale updates and alerts from travel partners and establishments offering special discounts and promos--because we all know money saved on fares and fees is extra money for pasalubong shopping!

You can also exchange traveler’s tales, tips, and suggestions with the traveling community on’s Forum and connect with people who share the same passion and spirit of adventure.
currently features local destinations, with plans to cover Asian and international destinations by mid-2011.

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So go and liberate yourself! There are 7,107 islands waiting to be discovered. Visit for ideas and tips now!