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Hello, Plantitas + Paw Parents: Your Home Needs These Animal-Safe Plants

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Hello, plantitas! Collecting and taking care of plants might be very ~fulfilling~, but one thing you should consider is the safety of your pets. You heard that right, some plants are actually *toxic* to animals and can cause upset stomachs or even seizures if they chew or ingest the leaves. Thankfully, though, there are plants that are safe around your fur babies. Check them out below:

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  1. Spider plant

    Aside from being animal-safe, did you know the spider plant is also beginner-friendly *and* can purify the air in your home? And as if you needed another reason to get it, it also thrives in low-light surroundings! It sounds like a total ~package~, if you ask us. Just make sure to water it weekly!

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  2. Areca palm

    Another air-purifier, the areca palm is also totally safe around your furbabies. Its big and bold fronds definitely make it a statement piece wherever you choose to place it!

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  3. Haworthia

    If your WFH desk needs a bit of ~sprucing~ up, go for a haworthia plant. It is a type of succulent that looks almost identical to the more popular aloe vera, but it is safe for cats and dogs. Make sure that it gets up to six hours of sunlight and water it weekly to keep it happy and thriving.

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  4. Peperomia green

    If you're worried about accidentally *killing* your plant, your fears can rest with the peperomia green. You can easily propagate this baby by cutting off the trailing leaves and stems and repotting them. They also thrive off of little to bright indirect light and survive on weekly waterings.

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  5. Boston fern

    If you want an eye-catching plant, a Boston fern is your best bet. Fair warning, though: They tend to grow really long, so when that happens, you can plop it into a hanging pot to add more ~flair~ to your room. It does best in bright, indirect light and is okay with humid conditions. Make sure to mist its leaves regularly to keep them from turning dry and brown.

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