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Anne Clutz And Anna Cay Will Inspire You To Start Your Own Home Gardens

Do iiiit!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/anneclutz; (RIGHT) Instagram/annacay

Two of our favorite beauty enablers have a new hobby, and we’re already so tempted to follow suit. Anna Cay and Anne Clutz are officially Plant Moms and we’re really enjoying all the ~greenery~ content they’ve been sharing with us. If you watch their vlogs, they also share snippets of how they’ve been growing their home gardens!

Here, we rounded up some of Anna and Anne’s best plant photos, enough to push us to actually start our own home garden projects! 

Anna posing with her pet corgi Cardo surrounded with plants! Cute! 

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Having little corners filled with plants at home could totally help reduce your stress levels.

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Our jaws dropped from how pretty all the plants are!

Anne shared that turning to plants has helped her cope with the situation we’re in right now. We love that for her! 

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Aside from the many health benefits you can get from surrounding yourself with plants, they actually serve as nice props for your photos, too! LOL. 

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So, are you ready to take your home gardening plans seriously now? We totally support you! Here are online shops that can deliver plants straight to your homes, and some videos you might want to watch to get you started

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