Be The Model Employee...That Everyone Likes

These little tactics make you look good at work, minus the show-off factor.
modelemployee1.jpgSneak it in. If a co-worker is working on something that you have experience with, pipe up. "You relay your accomplishments and set yourself up as an expert," says Nicole Williams, author of Earn What You're Worth.

Compliment co-workers. "Say something like 'Wow, our team did a great job of staying under budget while planning that event.' It's not boastful because you're sharing the credit," explains Williams.

Get good feedback. When you've aced a task, ask your manager or client to e-mail you with an assessment of your work. "Then forward those comments to your boss," says Williams.

Keep it real. Always stick to what you've actually done. "When you're genuinely proud of something, it's much easier to talk about it with confidence," notes Williams.
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