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We *Finally* Get To See What's Inside Bea Alonzo's Chic Closet!

Bea Alonzo's house tour, closet tour
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/beaalonzo, Youtube/Bea Alonzo

In part one of Bea Alonzo's house tour, we got to see her living room, kitchen, and other common areas. We also learned about all the gorgeous art pieces in her collection, which funnily enough, includes a "picture" of Anne Curtis by Gary-Ross Pastrana.


Bea has since released part two of her house tour where she shows us the second and third floors of her home. The first thing you'll see when you walk up the stairs is a wall decorated with family photos and a piece from Bea's lolo, "to remind [her] of [her] roots." 

Next, the actress welcomes us into her bedroom, which she describes as humble, chill, and functional. This is the room she spends most of her time in. 

Bea Alonzo's bedroom
Bea describes her bedroom as humble, chill, and functional. YOUTUBE/BEA ALONZO
Bea Alonzo's bedroom lamp, side table area
She loves her super chic lamp! YOUTUBE/BEA ALONZO

Her bathroom has a chandelier and a bathtub, but Bea's vanity area is pretty simple, with most of her products tucked away. 

Bea Alonzo's vanity area
Here's a look at Bea's simple vanity area. YOUTUBE/BEA ALONZO
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Upon entering her walk-in closet, she shares that her island is where she prepares her outfits but it also doubles as storage for her small purses and other accessories. Inspired by Marie Kondo, Bea bought eight to 12 trays just to keep everything organized. 

A shot of the trays that Bea Alonzo uses for organization
Pro tip: Use trays to organize your accessories! YOUTUBE/BEA ALONZO

She also has a dressing room, complete with a nook where people can chill or play dress-up. We also get a glimpse of her black and white shoe collection and her Chanel bags. 

Bea Alonzo's black and white shoe collection
Check out Bea's black and white shoe collection! YOUTUBE/BEA ALONZO

A sweet story: Aga Muhlach, her co-star in First Lovecommissioned artist Butch Payawal to paint Bea a portrait of herself!

A portrait Aga Muhlach had commissioned for Bea Alonzo
Aga Muhlach had a portrait commissioned for Bea. YOUTUBE/BEA ALONZO

    On the third floor, there is a soundproofed family room where they play games or do karaoke. It even has a kitchenette! Beside it is her home gym, decked with its own sauna 'cause why not? 

    Bea Alonzo's family room
    A lot of bonding time happened in Bea's family room. YOUTUBE/BEA ALONZO


    We're *obsessed* with Bea's home! Watch part two of her house tour below:


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