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Because It Can't Be The End...

As global turmoil and scary news fray nerves, editor-in-chief Zo Aguila challenges herself--and Cosmo chicks all around--to keep calm and live every day to the fullest.

Zo 5.2011
I'm not going to lie; I am praning. I probably belong to a growing group of earthquake-/ doomsday-/climate change–watchers that keep tabs on alarming happenings all over the world. We worry, prepare, and comfort each other. We live by the principle that it's always better to be safe than sorry, to be aware than stay clueless, to care than to be indifferent.

Don't worry; I won't go preaching or dampening anyone's spirits. Besides, I don't think being a worrywart is healthy for everyone (that's just my way to cope). I do think, however, that it'll always be the smarter move to keep yourself informed—study the science, know the deets.
Smart Cosmo Chicks

I love that in as much as Cosmo is all about being happy, friendly, and fun, you, our dear readers, still want to be as aware as you can possibly be. You're not content with being kept in the dark, so you ask questions and require answers in relevant, digestible snippets.

On that note, I love that you're loving the "Global Reports" we run (this May it's "Climate Change Is Upon Us: Time To Hit The Panic Button?" and coming this June is an all-out primer on today's top global headliners). On our part, we think that you deserve the legwork we go through to complete those digested primers of relevant information. We think of the questions you'll likely ask and think of ways that'll bring these realities closer to home. Because, really, they do affect you—and as much as you may deny your own role, you do affect the bigger picture.

Reader Christina Wong even raved about such stories (yes, we love getting mail from you!) and said: "Putting the 'Global Report' is a good thing, because when women browse through the magazine, they see the article, read it, and become more aware...especially those who aren't into news. Hopefully, we can all help make the world a better place even in our own simple ways."

We're Pitching In

The way I see it, these stories are our way of pitching in. At the end of the month, if at least some of you tweak your stellar lives to be a bit "greener," practice a bit more discipline to be better world citizens, and just care a little more than you used to, then the effort would have been worth it.

On a more fun and fearless note, given today's global "climate," it is now waaay cooler—and more attractive—to care.

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