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Give Yourself A *Non-Boring* Bedroom Wall And Check Out These Design Ideas

Time for an upgrade!
LIST: Pretty Bedroom Wallpaper Designs

It's no doubt that ever since the pandemic started, a lot of us have been trying new activities to help keep us sane—or better yet, get us out of boredom. Some of us became halamoms/plantitas, while others explored the world of TikTok. There are even those who tried new hobbies like painting, journaling, and cooking, to name a few. In fact, we've also noticed several people become obsessed with home makeovers. (TBH, same naman!) 

We know how much you guys love to make your spaces look *extra pretty*, and we're pretty sure your bedroom is that one place in your house you'd go all out for. So if you're thinking of giving it an upgrade, perhaps changing the design would be a good place to start. Don't worry, we're here to help you out! In an exclusive interview, Cosmopolitan Philippines got in touch with interior designer and contractor Monica Banks of Style & Build. Keep reading to know more about her thoughts on bedroom wall designs, space makeovers, and more.

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Before you start painting or adding bedroom wallpaper designs, here are a couple things to keep in mind.

Style or color scheme

According to Monica, "When upgrading your bedroom walls, the first thing you should consider is what design style or color scheme [you are] trying to achieve. If you have existing furniture or other items, make sure it would match the style of your choice and that all the pieces in your room would have design or color coordination." The last thing you want is for your place to look incoherent, so make sure that all your pieces at home match a certain ~aesthetic~.

Size of the bedroom

"Another thing to consider is the size of the bedroom," Monica added. "The way you apply color or accents to your bedroom would greatly affect [the] perception of a room's size. Dark and warm colors tend to make a room feel smaller, while light and cool colors will make a room feel more spacious."

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Can't decide between having walls painted and having wallpaper instead? Here's what you should know.


ICYDK, this actually varies and depends on the quality and supplier! Monica advised, "Wallpapers tend to cost more and it also needs professional assistance in installation. On the other hand, interior wall paint is cheaper, though it still requires a professional." She also mentioned, "Labor cost is more affordable. With enough practice, you can easily do it yourself."

Wall preparation time

If you're thinking about installing wallpaper, you should know that it takes *a lot* of time and work. Monica said that damages and imperfections need to be fixed prior to installation because they tend to show through wallpapers. As for paint, it only requires little preparation time as it usually covers small flaws on your walls.


Now if you're feeling a lil' ~extra~ and you want intricate designs, using paint might not be the best option. "It can be very time consuming and if not done properly, it can look sloppy and out of place. [Meanwhile], wallpapers can give you unlimited designs and pattern options," Monica explained.

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If your wall paint gets damaged, don't panic. It can easily be repainted. Wallpapers on the other hand, require a bit more work. Monica tells Cosmo, "Wallpapers are not immune to peels, scratches, or tears. Small damages will make you redo the whole installation process. If the wallpapers installed have already faded, you'll have to redo the entire wall because the new rolls would not match the original wallpaper." 

Check out these bedroom wallpaper designs.

Pro tip from Monica: "[When it comes to wallpaper designs], loud colors and busy patterns should be avoided as bedrooms should have a calm and relaxing ambiance. According to certain studies, [you should steer clear from] yellow, red, orange, and neon colors in bedrooms [because they're] very stimulating and [they create] a sense of alertness instead of relaxation. Overall, it is best to refrain from colors and patterns that are too bright and busy. [Insted], opt for light, pastels, or muted shades."

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