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K-Pop Fans, These Workout Videos Are Guaranteed To Hype You Up

Time to get fit with the songs loved by ARMYs, Blinks, ONCEs, EXO-Ls, and more!
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) YOUTUBE/Kkardio Dance, YOUTUBE/sarahkaypop

Have you recently started working on your ~quarantine fitness goals~ or have you been at it since 2020? Either way, it’s fun to shake things up every once in a while. And if you’re a K-pop fan, why not begin or continue your fitness journey with the beats of the group (or groups) you stan?

Virtually, workout videos won’t require any special equipment. Just prepare your body, proper training clothes and shoes, a safe space to work out in, and a mat or anything similar for when you need to lie down. Make sure you do warm-ups, stay hydrated, and perform cool-down exercises, too, especially when it comes to the more intense exercises. 

Check out our list of beginner-friendly workout videos for different K-pop fandoms below. We also added options for other fans in case you’re feeling stronger and want more advanced workouts. Enjoy!

~Dope~ workout videos for ARMYs

Beginner: 15-minute BTS diet dance by Sunny Funny Fitness

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Get moving with steps loosely inspired by the choreography of the boys we luv! This quick and fun video is instructed by a DanceSport major from South Korea. We promise you won’t need to have the Bangtan Boys’ dancing skills to pull this off.

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Advanced: 600-calorie cardio workout by Cardio Party Mashup Fitness

“The Most Explosive” routine has two parts—a total of roughly 45 minutes with 11 BTS songs from various eras. You have high and low-impact options to choose from, and you can use bodyweight or dumbbells. Part one has more than one million views while part two has less than a quarter of that, which might mean not everyone proceeds after the first round. It’s *that* intense!

Bonus: Stretching routine by SarahKPop

What better song to warm up or cool down with than “Spring Day?” Wake those muscles up or wind them down while enjoying clips from BTS' iconic music video at the same time.

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Workout videos ~in your area~ for Blinks

Beginner: Full body fat-blast workout by Emi Wong

This is like a dance and HIIT combination with “How You Like That” in the background. Put maximum effort into the three-minute video, and you’ll find your heart going bada-bing, bada-boom-boom-boom! Take it up a notch with Emi’s “Kill This Love” cardio workout: Expect lots of jumping, but make sure your knees are strong enough!

Advanced: Abs and butt workout by Chloe Ting

This workout features high-impact or advanced toning moves that beginners might find intimidating. Get ready for lots of glute flexing and planks (So. Many. Plank. Variations!). Hopefully, the “Kill This Love” album gets you through the 13-minute routine.

Bonus: Reinvent challenge on the REBEL app

This 14-day beginner-friendly program is a mix of alternating dance and HIIT workouts. Guided by the gorgeous coaches of Rebel, you’ll break a sweat while enjoying the beats of BLACKPINK’s hits. If you don’t want to commit to the app yet, try the Reinvent Challenge primer first! Check out the video below (you can skip to the 51:14 mark).

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Workout videos that ONCEs will ~likey~

Beginner: Zumba workout by Live Love Party

What’s more fitness newbie-friendly than a Zumba dance? The super catchy “TT” lines and the friendly instructors will make breaking a sweat so enjoyable, too!

Advanced: Dance workout by K-Kardio Dance

Test your balance and stamina in this quick yet hingal­-inducing “Heartshaker” cardio dance! Alternatively, channel your inner yogi and recreate some of those poses by TWICE.

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Workout videos that will make EXO-Ls go ~shimmy, shimmy ko ko bop~

Beginner: Kickboxing workout by Kpop Fitness

Want to learn some moves for self-defense and slim down at the same time? Try kickboxing! Strengthen your core and tone your body with this workout to the tune of EXO’s “Overdose.”

Advanced: Ab blaster workout by Vivian Yuan

Reserve this routine for when you’re feeling strong already. You’ll need core strength and a bit of stamina for this. Power through with “Love Shot” and “Obsession!”

Here are more beginner-friendly K-pop workout videos for other fandoms:

Channel your inner ~dancign queen~ with this workout video for SONEs

Try this “Into the New World” dance workout!—instructors Josh and Bamui claim that you can lose 20 lbs. in two weeks!

A workout video that's unlike ~no other~ for ELFs

Throw it back with the “Sorry, Sorry” choreography with Kathleen and Andrew Dino. Can you keep up with this pair?

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You will go ~wow, fantastic baby~ with this workout video for VIPs

Here’s another throwback song: “Bang Bang Bang” by BIGBANG! Dance to the hit track with Live Love Party.

A workout video that's so ~fire~ for Blackjacks

2NE1 fans will love this easy-to-follow dance workout by Ann Piraya. Try it out whenever you feel like singing “I Am the Best.”

This workout video for iGOT7s will take your ~breath~ away

Channel your inner hip-hopper with this routine by K-Kardio Dance.

It's pure ~happiness~ with this workout video for ReVeLuvs

Feel like you’re in a trance as you listen to “Psycho” and burn all those calories away in this HIIT workout by Vivian Wen.

Go ~left and right~ with this workout video for Carats

Get your hips moving with this “Very Nice” Zumba cardio workout by Sunny Funny Fitness.

This one's for you, multi-stans!

A K-pop dance workout video by Teagan Dixon that features songs by NCT 127, ITZY, and other K-pop groups.

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Disclaimer: Before you try any new fitness routine, it’s best to consult your doctor.