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FYI, You Don't Need More Space; You Just Have A Lot Of Stuff

Time to declutter.
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When it comes to your home, anything goes. If you like it, you go for itwhether that means Japandi, TikTok vibes, or Scandi-inspired. But we can all be guilty of making mistakes now and again, and most often than not, we look back at choices we've passed in the past and cringe a little. Sound familiar?

To avoid feeling that way about the interior choices you make now, interior design expert and Happy Inside author, Michelle Ogundehin has revealed the interior mistake you might be making and didn't even know about.

In partnership with's "Our House" campaign, celebrating the perks and quirks of our homes throughout lockdown, Michelle explained that while it can feel like you're in need of more space, you could actually be in need of less stuff.

"I find that most people don’t need more space, they need less stuff and a fresh look at the space they already have," she told Cosmopolitan UK. "On average we regularly use just a third of our possessions—so it’s time to ditch that spiralizer that’s been at the back of the cupboard all these years!"

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To start decluttering, "clear first. Surround yourself only with things of meaning. Then celebrate the things that you love—honor those ornaments with their own special shelf!"

Michelle's got a point—we're definitely guilty of holding onto vases we no longer like or excess pots and pans, when we should be creating space for our belongings that we really love to thrive.


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