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80 Instagram Captions For All The *Cute* Photos You'll Be Posting On Your Birthday

birthday instagram captions

Turning another year older is kind of a big deal. TBH, at a time like this when almost everything is uncertain, it really hits different when you think about the fact that you're pretty damn lucky to be alive. That's a major milestone in itself and it sure deserves somewhat of a celebration. Trust us, it doesn't even need to be fancy! Call your favorite people. Order the ~most delicious~ food you've been craving. Binge-watch that K-drama on your list. Open that bottle of wine. Now is the *perfect* time to treat yourself. You deserve it, bb! ;) And of course, what's a proper celeb without pics? If you feel like sharing some of your fabulous birthday photos, we've got you covered in the captions department. Keep reading for some ideas.

Check out some of the best birthday Instagram captions you can use.

  1. Happy birthday to me!
  2. "Hugs, kisses, and birthday wishes."
  3. [your age in emojis]
  4. It's the most wonderful time of the year.
  5. Cheers to [your age] years!
  6. Where's the champagne?
  7. OOTD: my birthday suit.
  8. Where my party people at?
  9. Today's menu: all my favorites, plus cake.
  10. #PandemicBirthday
  11. #QuarantineBirthday
  12. Wishing for better years ahead.
  13. "You can't spell gift without 'I'."
  14. Just another 365-day journey around the sun.
  15. Time to pop the confetti.
  16. Adult? Says who? 
  17. Living my best life.
  18. [birthday cake emoji]
  19. Counting memories instead of years and calories.
  20. Me to my birthday cake: Slice, slice, baby.
    birthday instagram captions
  21. No matter what they say, I'm still a child at heart.
  22. Sugar, spice, and everything nice.
  23. "Living young, and wild, and free" - Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and Bruno Mars, "Young, Wild, And Free"
  24. I refuse to grow up. Periodt.
  25. Forever young!
  26. HBD to me!
  27. Birthday bb. [raising hand emoji]
  28. Celebrate all the good times.
  29. My birthday wish: ______
  30. Bring it on, adulting.
  31. It's my life anniversary!
  32. "Good day in my mind." - SZA, "Good Day"
  33. Woke up today feeling [your age]. 
  34. Made it through another year. I'm proud of you, self!
  35. "Happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way" - Taylor Swift, "22"
  36. Sippin' wine and havin' a good time.
  37. XOXO. Thanks for all the birthday love! 
  38. (If you're turning 24 and are a Kobe fan) Mamba year. 
  39. [balloon emoji] [party emoji]
  40. Officially part of the "big kids" table.
    birthday instagram captions
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  41. Soju, tequila, beer, or wine? I choose all of the above.
  42. Cake sounds like a good idea right now.
  43. I don't get older, I upgrade.
  44. Note to self: Age is just a number.
  45. The Book Of Life: Chapter [your age].
  46. Raising a glass to all the tears, beers, and happy years.
  47. So this is what [your age] looks like.
  48. Having fun under the sun.
  49. Let me be. It's my birthday.
  50. So here's what went down on my special day:
  51. Good vibes only!
  52. Putting my best foot forward as I turn another year older.
  53. Happy [your name] day!
  54. "Welcome to the good life" - Kanye West, "Good Life"
  55. Fingers crossed that all my wishes come true.
  56. Slightly older, somewhat wiser, and sooo much prettier.
  57. Dear self, you are not the same person you were a year ago, and I think that's beautiful. I love you.
  58. Overjoyed.
  59. "I got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night" - Black Eyed Peas, "I Gotta Feeling" 
  60. Still cute, [your age] years later.
    birthday instagram captions
  61. Life is short. Here's to making every moment count.
  62. POV: You're looking at me 'cause you're so happy that I was born. 
  63. Hello, [your age]!
  64. BRB, stocking up on anti-aging products now.
  65. "We're gonna have a good day." - Greg Street ft. Nappy Roots, "Good Day"
  66. "Let them eat cake." -  Marie Antoinette
  67. Celebrating this special day with my bestie Jose Cuervo.
  68. Hitting that refresh button and starting anew.
  69. Happy beer-day!
  70. Lookin' forward to making more memories.
  71. "Feeling good as hell." - Lizzo, "Good As Hell"
  72. This is *my* year. Claiming it!
  73. Oldie but goodie. ;)
  74. Aged just a teeny tiny bit. 
  75. Birthday essential: noods for long life.
  76. Peace out, childhood.
  77. Lookin' like a birthday treat.
  78. Spillin' the birthday par-tea.
  79. Today's agenda: *Add to cart* and check out all my fave items, LOL.
  80. "Thank you for the happiest year of my life." - Jaymes Young, "Happiest Year"
    birthday instagram captions


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