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Bretman Rock’s Plant Collection Is Every Plantita’s Dream Come True

His collection is INSANE.
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/bretmanrock, Instagram/bretmanroot

It’s no secret that Bretman Rock has been an avid plant collector for quite some time now. He’s shown us snippets of his massive collection on Instagram, but now, he finally indulged us with a full plant collection video on YouTube! 

Bretman shared that he really took buying and collecting plants seriously last year, after a trip to the Philippines. Bretman flew to his hometown in November 2019, after his father unfortunately passed away. It was during that trip that he saw his dad’s old greenhouse, where he used to grow bonsai trees and flowers, that he realized that he wanted to really start taking care of plants. Then, when the global pandemic happened, and he was forced to stay home, that’s when he took being a plant parent very seriously. 

Bretman’s plant collection has five “sections”: flowers, vegetables, a “green room” (his office which looks like a mini forest!), succulents, and his bathroom. Literally, I kept saying “wow” almost every 30 seconds while watching this video:

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And ICYDK, Bretman has an IG account dedicated to his love for plants, @bretmanroot. So if you’re just as obsessed with plants as he is or you’re really interested to start your own home garden, definitely follow his account!

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