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Camille Co's New Shoe Closet Is Making Us Want Our Own

BRB, fixing our Pinterest boards.
PHOTO: Instagram/itscamilleco

Apart from Netflix, home decor videos and organization hacks are all we've been watching these days. So when Camille Co dropped her new shoe closet tour, we couldn't help but update our own Pinterest boards. 

If you can recall, this isn't Camille's first shoe closet. Here's a 2018 reminder for you:


Unlike her first, this one isn't in her room anymore. It's actually located along the hallway on the second floor of her house. In terms of style, this one is more "concealed" and "subtle." While her first closet had all-clear doors, her latest one uses black, cream, and metallic. 

Camille goes through every section, so you don't have to worry about not seeing her shoe collection. When she opens the closet, you'll notice that her shelves are deep, making room for more shoes. They're also adjustable, and this feature lets her rearrange her shoes whenever she wants. Though they're not always turned on, Camille also had lights built in for when she wants to see 'em better. 

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And if I had her collection, I'd want to see them all the time, too. ;)

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