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11 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Quit Your Job

You won't be able to stare at your office crush anymore.

1. Because the reality is you’ve got bills to pay. Unless you’re still living with the ’rents, you can’t really afford to live without water and electricity. Say adios to hot showers and cable TV! Let’s not even get started on the credit cards you’ve recently maxed out.

2. You don’t want your man footing the bill all the time. Okay, so the gentlemanly thing to do is for the guy to treat you out. It is, however, pretty nice to enjoy a sumptuous meal in a sweet café paid by yours truly.

3. How are you going to travel? The answer: not so much anymore. Or not ever. Quit your 9 to 5 and you’ll probably be hating on all those IG #wanderlust and #blessed posts your employed friends upload while on vacation leave.

4. Can you really revert to doing nothing the whole day? Staying in bed in your pajamas the whole day while doing a TV series marathon might sound tempting. But, just like you dear CG, that shit gets old. 


5. Say goodbye to that data plan. And all your numerous selfies, Facebook binges, and trolling the Internet. Scavenging for free Wi-Fi isn’t always a walk in the park.

6. No more shopping, too! New clothes, makeup steals, and accessory raids shall be a thing of the past! 

7. You won’t be able to stare at your office crush anymore. And since you can’t afford your data plan anymore, you’ll have to resort to old school stalking methods, which is kind of creepy.

 8. You might lose touch with the people you’ve formed bonds with. Do you really want to be the gal that all of a suddenly quit? Those awesome lunches you once shared with your colleagues will be less fun without you. 

9. You’ll worry your parents. Mom and dad won’t get off your case when they find out that you stopped working again. Trying to explain yourself to them–that’s a job all on its own.

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10. You might encounter a medical emergency. And without the proper health benefits, you’ll run your savings account dry.

11. Having a job keeps you on your toes. It also reinforces responsibility, builds character, and fosters a sense of self-worth.

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