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22 Struggles Only Girls Who Work From Home Will EVER Know

Dressing down = pajamas and bunny slippers.

1. Motivating yourself. This can be a real challenge when your bed’s just a few feet away from you. It's so easy to just hop in there for a bit and zzzz...OH SHIT, YOU FELL ASLEEP.

2. Knowing the real meaning of “flexi-time.” With no set hours, you can start as late as 12 noon. The downside? You can end as late as 12 midnight. WITH NO OVERTIME PAY.
3. REALLY dressing down for work. Look at you, sounding all professional in your emails, while you’re really just clacking away on your keyboard in pajamas and bunny slippers.
4. Sometimes working with no bra on. This one is more like a dream than a struggle, actually. #FREEDOM

5. Seeing office-perfect fashion in mall shop windows and in magazines. That ~*serious*~ outfit looks super cute, but where would you wear it? :(

6. Feeling important—excited, even—when you’re out for a "meeting" or a "conference." Yay, you can finally show off that super-cute ~*serious*~ outfit you just bought! (YES, YOU TOTALLY BOUGHT IT ANYWAY.)

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7. Talking to yourself. And dancing like a lunatic in front of the mirror. And picking at pimple scabs while you’re deep in concentration. And other things you would NEVER do in an office setting.
8. Wanting to organize your work space to increase productivity, but just thinking, “MEH.” None of the people you “work with” are going to see it anyway.

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9. Seeing office folks complain about their work struggles on social media. That time EDSA was closed and everyone was throwing a bitch fit? CAN’T RELATE.

10. No water cooler gossip, no impromptu lunch out, no post-work drinks, no office parties. Basically no social life.
11. Oh wait, you do have a social life. It’s called FACEBOOK. Because you’re on FB 24/7, you know what your friends are wearing, what your friends’ toddlers are wearing, what Kim Kardashian’s toddler is wearing. You’re practically part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

12. Wondering if you can still function normally in society since you haven’t left the house in days. Can you still hold a conversation with a person besides yourself? YES. YES YOU STILL CAN, THANK GOD. (Or, thanks to your friend Facebook, who keeps you updated on what the rest of the world is talking about.)

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13. People thinking you're free all the time and are basically unemployed. You want to scream whenever anyone says, “Free naman si Cheekie lagi eh, I’m sure game ‘yan!” WHAT PART OF “WORK FROM HOME” DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?!

14. Getting OC about checking emails. Your eyes keep darting anxiously to your email tab to check if there’s a new one from your client because maybe he wants to OVERHAUL THAT THING YOU SPENT WEEKS WORKING ON.
15. If you’re a freelancer with clients in different time zones, working on their time. You're pretty much a vampire.

16. If you're a freelancer with different clients, juggling deadlines that somehow manage to fall on the same week. Whenever this happens, you just want to quit everything and join a nunnery.

17. Panicking when it’s almost deadline and you haven’t done anything—and there’s no one to blame or seek comfort from but yourself. This “office” is a one-man operation; the buck stops with you.

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18. “YES, SWELDO NA!” your friends proclaim. YEAH, NO. Your pay doesn't drop in your bank account twice a month like clockwork.

19. Fearing that you’ll be out of work in a year. You’re on a short contract or a project-based deal with your client, and who knows if they’ll still need you by next year? How are you going to survive?!

20. Not knowing how to do your taxes. LET’S NOT EVEN GO THERE, OKAY?

21. When people say they wish they had your life, going, “OMG, it's the best!” But deep inside, thinking, “I MISS BEING NORMAL!” The struggle is real.
22. Not being able to imagine yourself working in an office anymore. But that's fine, because when it boils down to it, nothing—NOTHING—beats being your own boss. GO YOU.

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