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Ask Yourself These 3 Things Before Quitting Your Job

Want to resign? Read this first.

We've already told you what to do before you quit your jobBut you also have to ask yourself three things before you pack up and leave, according to Ian Siegel, the co-founder and CEO of ZipRecruiter, a job board distribution service.

1. "Am I miserable?"

Siegel's tip to knowing if you're miserable for real and not just having a bad day at work is if you dread going to the office. If you do, you're most likely miserable.

And if you are miserable, you have every right to leave. Just make sure that what's causing your misery is something you can't do anything about. He also advises, "If you like the company but don’t like the job, tell someone how you’re feeling. Better yet, bring a plan to your boss for how you would change your job. Be a part of your own solution."

2. "Am I making enough money?"

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That means you have to ask yourself how much is enough. To help you, picture a lifestyle or ordinary day you want to have. Siegel says thinking in terms of daily life instead of figures can help you find out how much is enough for you.

If you think you're not getting what you need, Siegel says it's time to go.

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3. "Am I getting mentored?"

A mentor can help you get the compensation you want, which can help you like or enjoy your job again. Is there anybody who's interested in your professional growth and is concerned about it? Not a lot of people get to have a mentor, so if you have one, don't abandom them "casually," as Siegel puts it. If there's no one in your company who seems to care about you on the professional level at least, it might be best to find another place where you'll be valued.

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