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5 Horrible Work Habits You Need To Stop Doing


1. Starting and ending your days with e-mails.
Beginning your day by sending out a bunch of e-mails will make you lose track of your priorities. On the other hand, ending your day by sending out e-mails (like right before you go to sleep) will give you insomnia. So what you should do instead? Stick to a to-do list. Promise yourself to cross off at least two important things from that list before you start sending out e-mails.

2. Agreeing to agenda-less and open-ended meetings.
When arranging a meeting with your colleagues, be very specific about the time and the agenda. Always ask yourself, "What's the purpose of the meeting?" or "What is required of me before attending the meeting?" That way, you'll be doing everyone a favor, because you won't end up wasting your time with small talk. Never agree to meetings without end times—they will consume your entire day.

It’s also important to know that some meetings don’t even have to happen, because some things can be discussed clearly via e-mail.

3. Not disconnecting yourself.
Your weekends are sacred. Hide your work phone in a hard-to-reach drawer as soon as you get home on Friday nights. If it rings, don’t pick it up. Whatever the phone call is about, it can wait until Monday, because you have a life outside of the office. Unless you're us, LOL.

4. Keeping your desk messy.
Having an unorganized desk will keep you from concentrating properly. Throw away that week-old Starbucks cup, get rid of that document from six months ago, and USE YOUR DRAWERS.


5. Always being late.
Being late gives the impression that you are uninterested and unreliable.  

Lagi na lang traffic sa EDSA at puno yung MRT? Well we all know the traffic situation in this country, so it’s best to always be prepared. Exert extra effort to always be on time. Wake up earlier, cut down your beauty routine in half, or eat breakfast at work—there are many ways you can never be late again. It’s better to be known as the girl who’s always early for a meeting that the girl who is perpetually late.

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