5 Things Shopaholics Didn't Know They Could Do To Save Money

Tip number 1: Buy expensive things. YEP, you read that right.

Did you just go on another impulsive shopping spree then whine “I’m so poor?” Well then, join the club! There's more to life than just clothes, and shoes, and bags, and watches (well, you get the picture), which is why today, I round up a few purchase philosophies, which I admit, I'm still learning to live by.

Below, a few lesser-known lessons from and for the shopaholic, culled from my experiences as a fashion assistant.

1. Buy expensive.

It’s pretty simple, really. But buy good things and own them a long time. Think of your closet as a vault of your priced possessions, and fill it with quality basics and classics that will stay with you longer than an uber trendy frock ever will. Carrie Bradshaw once said she likes her investments where she can see them…in her closet. Quality will always trump quantity. Imagine all the fast-fashion goods that you only wore once! Their price tags do add up, you know.

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2. Don't be fooled by "discount cards."

Notice how recently, more and more stores offer you a “loyalty” or “privilege” card when you pay at the counter? Like yesterday, I went shopping and I got offered a loyalty card at the cashier, the salesgirl said I’d get 10% off my purchase if I got one… but it cost P150. Umm yeah, that’s my 10% right there. Such cards are marketing strategies designed to make you keep coming back to the store for a small discount—but really, you're just spending more.

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3. Shop using cash.

This should be more obvious, but it isn't: Buy only what you can afford aka the money you have on hand. It will teach you to save up for something you really like instead of mounting interest from not being able to pay your credit card in full. If the item is no longer there when you do have the dough, always remember: there's always something new that you'll want to buy, anyway.

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4. If you really must have a card, pick a low-credit one.

Seeing the last piece of a shoe in your size doesn’t count as an emergency. Keeping a credit card fuels impulse shopping so pick the lowest limit available or don’t be shy to keep the extension you have with your mom and dad you’ve been using since college. Most companies text the parent card's owner everytime a purchase is made, and although it may be annoying at times, it will keep you in check, or rather your mom will.

5. Shop online, but never store your credit card details on the site. 

Online shopping is fun and convenient, but make sure you never save your credit card details on the site. You might get click happy and charge away—it’s deadly!

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