5 Ways To Save Cash While In Between Jobs

Your bank account doesn't have to suffer while you're jobless!

Waiting for your next job can be pretty hard on your pocket, especially if you have bills to pay. You’re probably living off your savings for the time being, but you know that you can’t do so for long.

Having no source of income for an uncertain amount of time can be very worrisome, but if you know exactly where to look, you may actually find activities that can help you earn cash before you sign your next contract. Here are five simple ways that can get your piggy bank full again while you’re in career limbo.

1. Keep busy.
Rearrange your furniture, write essays, learn a new recipeas long as you keep your hands and your mind working, you won’t be tempted to spend as much. You can even turn your hobby into profit if you work hard at it.

2. Look for small projects.
There are thousands of “rakets” that can help tide you over. Platforms such as Upwork (formerly oDesk) welcome freelancers and part-timers who are looking for extra income. You can also get a temporary entry-level job in nearby establishments. These may not be glamorous or high-paying but they’ll fund you enough until you’re stable again.

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3. Have a garage sale.
Don’t just sell the extra clothes you have in your closets. Look for items around the house that you don’t really need but are still very much usable. Set up a garage sale in front of your house or go online and create a simple Facebook store. Just make sure to either arrange the transaction for pick up or have your customer shoulder delivery charges as you really wouldn’t want to shell out for shipping.

4. Stay home more often.
Be a homebody for the time being. Going out eats a huge chunk of your budget. You  won’t just be spending for transportation, but also for food and other things such as entertainment. That being said…

5. Avoid shopping.
If you really need to head out, spend wisely. Don’t buy things on impulse, whether you’re paying via cash or card. You’re honestly not sure when you’ll get regular income, so you may want to focus first on your needs, and set aside wants for another time.

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This article originally appeared on FemaleNetwork.com. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors. 

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