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5 Ways You Can Start Saving Money to Reach Your Financial Goals

Never think you don't have enough money to start saving!

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As an ~adult~, you likely go through coffee-induced palpation-filled nights hustling to get that bread. Payday arrives and for a while, you feel like you’re freaking rich. Then you go through days of price hikes, and suddenly, you’re down to a meager sum that you need to stretch out until the next payday.

If you can relate, then girl, you need to upgrade your saving skills. Luckily, we’re here to give you a few tricks to save better and maximize your money using the all-in-one money app Maya:

Make savings automatic

Based on your finances, decide on a percentage that you’ll set aside and park in a savings account—20 to 30 percent is a good start. Maya can help you save automatically since it combines the power of an E-wallet and a BSP-licensed and PDIC-insured digital bank (AKA Maya Bank–legit!). So on paydays, you can easily transfer 20 or 30% to your Maya Savings Account.

Choose a savings account with high-interest rates

Saving your money in digital banks is a great way to make your money grow because of their competitive interest rates. Getting a Maya Savings Account is a good option because of its introductory 6% interest rate—one of the highest in the market right now, plus, creating an account is easy!

If you have an upgraded Maya account, you can open Maya Savings with no sweat. To upgrade your account, just fill out the necessary details, submit one valid ID, upload a video selfie in-app, and you’re good to go!

Set measurable goals with a deadline

Make your financial goals measurable and time-sensitive so you can track your progress. A super helpful tool is the Maya Savings’ Personal Goals feature. You can set up to five goals and assign a target amount and due date so you can save up for different purposes all at the same time! Now, you can easily track how you’re doing and save up for that dream vacay, new phone, or fund for a startup business in just one app.

Invest small amounts regularly

Many people wait for their savings to grow substantially before investing. The problem with this is they end up never investing because they keep waiting for it to grow or they get tempted to use the money. Instead, if you have funds to spare, why not try buying and earning from Crypto? You can do this seamlessly through the Maya money app.

With Maya, you can start buying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum for as low as P1! It now features 15 crypto coins so you have more options to choose from. This app is also perfect for beginners as it features helpful guides and learning tools to teach you the basics of crypto.

Go cashless on your everyday purchases

When purchasing your essentials, going cashless always gives you better deals than paying with cash. When you use your credit card, you instantly get points for your purchases. While apps like Maya actually give you some of your money back for every purchase–through their cashback offers!

For example, paying with your Maya card both online and in-stores automatically earns you a 1% cashback until July 31. Now, you get to save a little bit of money that you’re going to spend on essentials anyway! They have tons of tipid hits in-store, to make your everyday transactions more sulit. Just head to

All-in-one money app Maya has even more upcoming features, like Dark Mode and personalized Maya usernames, to make how you experience money next-level.

Download the Maya App via Google Play or the App Store.

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