6 Occupations You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Someone's gotta do it.

1. Fluffer
A fluffer is a person in the adult entertainment industry whose job is to give male porn stars blowjobs before and in between takes to get them ready to perform. Yep.

2. Professional Poo Diver a.k.a. Sewage Diver
This job involves diving into all sorts of no-air environments like sewages. The divers wear special suits that have built-in radio systems, but the actual work is done by feel because there is zero visibility down there. If you think the divers’ job is bad, imagine what it’s like for the guys that have to clean them off after.

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3. Pet Food Tester
Humans have to try pet food before feeding it to them. You wouldn’t want your dog to eat something if it’s not safe, right?

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4. Face Feeler
With the abundance of skin products, it only makes sense that someone has to test how effective they really are. A face feeler tests how soft and smooth a person’s skin is after using a product by literally touching their skin. Interesting.

5. Breath Odor Evaluator
These guys smell all sorts of things with strong scents such as bad breath and garlic, then they rate it on a scale from one to nine. On the bright side, they also get to smell glorious things too, like coffee.

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6. Beer Tester
Drinking beer all day, every day? I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE.

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