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6 Things That Keep You From Reaching Your Dreams And How To Beat Them

Like your fear of failure and rejection!

What's your dream? Do you have one? Or did you have one and then let it go? We all need to dream to get somewhere. You don't even have to reach for the moon. You can dream of being promoted. You can dream of having a successful business. Or doing something you really love. You can dream of being in a happy relationship.

But some of us have probably let some dreams go. There are just too many obstacles, and there's the risk of failing even if you've done everything you can and gave it all you got. Here are things you do or have that kill your dreams.

1. Fear

Having fear isn't a bad thing on its own, since it's supposed to protect you from danger or doing something stupid. It's fearing the wrong things and letting that fear take hold of your life that's bad. Fear of failure? Rejection? What other people will think or say about you? High expectations? Responsibilities that come with success?

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The first step to conquering your fear is to identify what you're afraid of, then addressing it. Not everyone can address her own fear (let's face it, it's tough), so it's best to seek the help and support of a really good friend, your family, or your partner. 

2. Insecurity

Doubting your ability or your instability? We all have those cloudy days. Sometimes it can be good when it pushes us to persevere, but it's terrible when it makes us give up entirely. As with fear, you have to know what you're insecure about and address it with the help of people who support you. Surround yourself with positive people to make it through. You don't need to be reminded that you're no genius or that you aren't extremely rich, even if they're facts. Sometimes you don't need to face facts that weigh you down. Especially when those facts can be worked around with or compensated for! And they can be! #YouGoGirl

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3. Laziness

Your dreams will keep being dreams if you don't make any decision and action. Some people are content with having a list of things to do, and they just want to keep putting off the carrying out of those things. They say "Tomorrow" or "Next week" or "I'm lazy" or "I'm not in the mood" until a year or two have passed. Make that three.

Other times, the laziness can make you do a sloppy job. This'll just make your dream harder to reach! And when that happens, how can your already lazy self pick up? (Move your butt, that's what.)

4. Uncertainty

It's possible and likely that you don't make a decision to do something because you can't make one. Taking risks also has to do with dealing with cards that you don't know and that's admittedly scary. You shouldn't just jump into things when there's so much at stake. And precisely because of that, do your best to cover and cushion as much ground as you can. That'll make you feel a bit more comfortable.

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5. Dependence

Isn't it much easier to settle where you are? Life as it is isn't so bad, right? Maybe you should just be content with this crap? Anyway you're getting paid. It's barely anything but at least, right? Besides, the job isn't as stressful as the work other people do.

Sure. But it's not easier than looking back to where you are now when you're older and feeling bad about all the big and small things you didn't do but could've done. You'll feel worse if you didn't even try.

6. Your "ganyan na lang talaga 'yan" attitude

If you have this defeatist attitude, the one that accepts failure or mediocrity and thinks that nothing can be done about it, you won't do anything to reach your dreams. Heck, you don't even see the point of dreaming anymore, even if it's free to dream! You might have this kind of attitude due to your past experiences or your observation of your surroundings. If you're like this but you want to change, talk to someone supportive and patient with you so you can get back on track. (Yes, the person you talk to has to be really patient and understanding because he's going to deal with bouts and bouts of negativity that's in you.)

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