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7 Habits To Break To Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

This includes giving more TLC to your hair.
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If you want to give your life a serious upgrade in 2019-and beyond-letting go of bad habits is the first step. Nothing disrupts your health, creativity, and productivity quite like destructive habits-keeping these are holding you back from the best version of you.

These are some of the bad habits you need to say "buh-bye" to this year. Challenge accepted

1. Not getting enough sleep

Getting enough shut-eye is essential to achieving a healthy complexion, decreasing stress, and sharpening your mind. But bingeing on Instagram into the wee hours or partying hard during the week is keeping you awake. Make sure you get the recommended eight hours of sleep by setting an alarm on your phone, not just to wake up but also to know when to go to bed.

2. Avoiding exercise

You don't have to run a marathon or jump into a CrossFit session, but you should be investing in your fitness in some way. Find something you love, whether that means doing yoga, lifting weights, running in the park, or simply taking a walk around the neighborhood.

3. Shopping for clothes that don't fit

It's time to kick off that habit of buying clothes that are too small or too big in hopes of fitting into them one day. Even if you intend on losing (or gaining) a few pounds, that doesn't mean you should buy a piece for later instead of today. It's much smarter to achieve your ideal figure or fitness goals before investing in a new wardrobe.

4. Forgetting to wear sunscreen on a daily basis

With UV exposure putting you at risk for wrinkles, age spots, and skin cancer, wearing sunscreen should be a part of your everyday routine. If a stand-alone sunscreen doesn't work for you, look for moisturizer and makeup that have SPF in them.

5. Constantly procrastinating

Putting things off to the last minute does nothing but increase anxiety. The more you fill your head with empty excuses, the less time you have to get work done. Manage your time better by breaking down a big project into smaller deadlines so you don't rush everything later on and end up doing below-average work.

6. Comparing yourself to everyone

There will always be someone smarter, prettier, and (if you go by their Instagram feed) cooler than you. That will always be a given. So maybe it's time to quit obsessing over other people, and instead focus your time, energy, and resources on you and doing your own thing. Ditch the dirty habits, do what you do best, and watch your best year ever unfold.

7. Skipping conditioner

Did you know shampooing your hair strips the strands of nutrients, making you more prone to hair fall? Break the habit of using only shampoo in the shower. You'll need to apply a nourishing and moisturizing conditioner like Cream Silk Hair Fall Defense every day too-it has advanced hair reborn technology-to help reduce signs of hair fall due to hair breakage.

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