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7 Times Getting Your Period While At Work Sucked Big Time

Yeah, no matter where you are, periods suck BIG TIME. But here’s how you can still make it work, while at work.
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1. Period cramps make you very, VERY unproductive.

So you're probably thinking: how the heck will you be able to focus on your reports when all you can think about is the excruciating feeling that you’re being stabbed in the gut several times per minute? Girl, it's time to get up from your reports and take a quick merienda at the next building. Several studies have shown that walking is the best SOS for menstrual cramps. Being on the move relieves you of abdominal pain and makes you feel more productive too!

2. A really bad case of dysmenorrhea may even be the cause of your next SL.

On the first few days before or during your period, your cramps could get from at-least-I-can-still-walk to debilitating madness. Save your sick leaves for the more threatening flu days by planning ahead. Keeping tabs on your cycle through a mentruation journal which will help you see when you're possibly going to start your period so you can stock up on pain meds and hot compress to relieve you as soon as the dysmenorrhea kicks in. 

3. Your PMS-ing brain makes you want to strangle everyone. 

This might not be the perfect time for your boss to slap a tardiness memo on your desk because the murder scene in your pants is enough to make you murder someone (in your head, at least). Keep a positive vibe by meditating before coming to work and drinking lots of milk! Some studies have shown that adding calcium to your diet during your PMS week can help lessen depression and fatigue. 

4. You feel tired ALL the time.


Aside from the fact that you didn’t get enough sleep the night before because you didn’t want to bleed through your new sheets, you feel your energy dipping low, making it hard to stay awake through an important meeting. Apparently, the food you consume (i.e., those salty fries and frappuccinos you had for mignight snack) causes you to feel tired all the time. Tip: Stay away from your usual mug of coffee and keep yourself from craving for sweets and salty food. Eating the right stuff will help improve blood and nutrient flow which you need to keep your body energized throughout the day.

5. You feel like you’re in the absolute worst state to meet new clients.

You feel fat, even when you know you're in a really healthy shape right now. But hey, you're not the only one stressing over your looks during your period. It's normal to feel bloated this week so cut yourself some slack and wear comfortable but figure flattering clothes. A maxi or a wrap dress will let you move freely at work while accentuating your curves naturally. 

6. You’re sooo scared of getting tagos all day. 

You hesitate on wearing your fave white pants because you know you’re about to shed more than 70% of fluid on your first two days and you don’t want to ruin it by sitting for more than 10 hours. Well, thank heavens for heavy flow pads because now you can wear whatever you want! These pads for heavy days have bigger support from the back that will help take your mind off leaks.

7. When you stand up after sitting for a while and you feel a sudden gush. 

It’s like you have the great Pagsanjan Falls in between your legs right now, you can’t even deal with it. So you awkwardly walk to the bathroom and check, for the 97th time, if your regular pad is holding up.

Good thing there’s MODESS® All Night to make sure you can get through another tough working day. It absorbs 25% more liquid than your regular pad so you can get the protection you need, without having to worry about sudden gushes!  Remember, your period shouldn’t stop you from being the awesome Cosmo Girl you are, even at work!

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