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8 Work Habits To Make Your Life Easier

Step away from your chat program.

1. Keep your desk clean. 
Save that mess for the inside of your purse, where it belongs. Plus, visual calm will lead to mental calm, and that is always a good thing.

2. Keep a snack in your desk drawer for the 3 p.m. sugar crash.
I feel about chocolate bars the way some people feel about kittens. When you're at your lowest, it will be your much-needed pick-me-up.

3. If you really have to file something while you're away from your desk, use a portable keyboard to bang that sucker out instead of hunting-and-pecking on your iPad or iPhone for 40 minutes.
Taking half your afternoon to carefully spell out a long work email is not an ideal way to spend an afternoon.

4. Wake up just a teeny, tiny bit earlier. 
You'll start your day a lot less frazzled, and you'll have that extra spare moment to actually do your eye makeup instead of hastily smearing your eye shadow all over your face during your commute like a frightened lady-clown.


5. Bring your lunch! 
While I have been lazy about this as of late, I rotate between homemade kale salads, salmon croquettes, and—at peak laziness—microwavable cans of soup. Sorta depressing? Maybe. But not as depressing as spending P250 on one sad desk salad every day.

6. If you have interns, use them. 
They are there to learn, so give them something to do! As long as you're not using them to pick up your dry cleaning or walking across town to send back your slightly-too-dry salad.

7. Give yourself a GChat cutoff time. 
As tempting as it may be to go over wedding dress options with your engaged friend also bored at her office, you're wasting valuable work time.

8. Take notes in every meeting on a digital device. 
Really. Rather than relying on your going-in-a-million-directions brain and/or nervous chicken scratch in your Moleskine to remember what's said, you will have a neat, legible, and #ProfessionalWoman account to refer back to.

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