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9 Secrets From A Beauty Editor

Dupes are used in product shoots, because smashing a new tube of Chanel lipstick is just too painful to do.

1. Dupes are used instead of actual luxury makeup products because let’s face it, smashing a new tube of Chanel lipstick for a makeup product shot is just too painful to do.

2. Those “perfect” faces you see are the result of a little Photoshopping here and there. Common things that get edited out are baby bangs, laugh lines, eye bags, distracting moles, redness in the eyes, yellow teeth, large pores, and veins.

3. We sit at our desks 50% of the time. When we aren’t at events for the latest product launches or shooting beauty editorials, we’re thinking of 101 different ways to describe how to do winged eyeliner, apply blush, or do the perfect soft smoky eye.

4. There really is such a thing as TOO MUCH. A Beauty Editor always struggles with what to do with all her beauty loot. After all, there’s only so much we can use before they all expire. It’s a must to be OC so that you can organize everything into bins with the corresponding labels: For Me, For Family, For Friends, Give Away, or Throw Out.

5. We’ve mastered the Best Actress smile when it comes to meeting brand managers or principals who rave about a product they’re launching which you’re not necessarily into (i.e. a lola-ish fragrance). The most polite thing to do is smile but it has to come across as a genuine smile which requires some acting prowess.

6. You need to have a foolproof regimen because a lot is expected from you. As a Beauty Editor, you’re expected to have great skin much like a dentist is expected to have a great set of pearly whites.

7. Go-sees are a must. It’s a nightmare for Beauty Editors when their models show up with acne or damaged hair.

8. The most difficult products to shoot are the ones that come in mirror-like finishes—Beauty Editors and photographers must masterfully come up with a strategy when shooting those types of items. 

9.  You have to be a risk taker—Beauty Editors are treated to wonderful facials and free hair makeovers but these can also turn out to be horror stories where one can end up leaving the salon with a mullet or a spa with burnt skin.


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Agoo Bengzon held Preview's Beauty Editor post from 2000 to 2015, and was Cosmopolitan's Beauty Director from 2010 to 2013. Currently, she's Unilever's Beauty Expert. When she isn't working, she enjoys sushi and shopping with her husband of 17 years, and her two sons. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.