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9 Ways Your Career Is Your Boyfriend

They're both frustrating, fulfilling, and all-consuming.

1. It makes you late for everything. 
"Baby, I need you to finish this spreadsheet," croons work as you attempt to make it to a 7 p.m. dinner with friends. "You never work on this spreadsheet anymore." Lo and behold, you roll up at 7:20 and miss all the appetizers.

2. Thus, it strains your relationship with friends. 
The more high-maintenance the job/boyfriend, the tougher it is to get face time with your BFFs and the more resentful they are that you can't hang out as much as you used to—unless they have demanding jobs/boyfriends too.

3. It occasionally and very annoyingly, takes you for granted. 
Like when you're assigned a crapload of other people's work, or it's assumed that you are going to "take the lead" on a project that has nothing to do with your job title, and the whole time your job is just chilling on the couch watching Arrow and assuming you will do the dishes.

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4. It helps you grow and mature, usually in a good way. 
The challenges involved in maintaining it and staying happy with it in the long-term will build your mature, compromise-friendly grown-up muscles.

5. Rather than forcing you, it (and your own guilt) manipulates you into doing things. 
Well, you could take lunch, but if anybody notices that you're not shoveling a radish salad in your face while slaving away at your desk like a sweatshop orphan, they might think you're "not giving it 100 percent."

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6. You fall into a dynamic with it that's pretty hard to break. 
Whether it's entitled and you are grouchy and have an attitude, or it's entitled and you have a super-awesome attitude all day, every day. (Props/are you a robot?)

7. Every so often, you'll remember how glad you are to have it, even if it is sometimes draining and complicated. 
Like after you've just finished a big exciting project (sex?) and gotten a pat on the back (a cuddle). Yay!

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8. You might stay in love with it forever or fall out of love. 
Depends on how you change, how the environment changes, and a bunch of other totally natural factors.

9. And you should listen to your heart if it tells you to stay or leave. 
It's very easy to stay in a passionless job/relationship out of inertia, but resist the impulse to accept what's in front of you just because it's already there.


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