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Adriana Lima's Latest Selfie Shows Just How Tough Modeling Can Be

She shared a barefaced photo with an intense caption.

Adriana Lima is one of the supermodel greats. She's been strutting her stuff for Victoria's Secret since 1999 (!).

Way to make us feel old.

And while you might be forgiven for thinking she's got an easy life being genetically blessed and all, her latest Instagram post reveals a different story.

Adriana shared a barefaced selfie without the usual pout and perfect lighting (she still looks flawless to us), with a pretty intense message about just how hard she works in a challenging industry.

The caption reads:

This is not a complaint. [I'm] just sharing a little bit of my life. Sometimes, people [think] that model life is easy, and that's wrong. We work as hard as any other individual. Today I had 10 hours of work, shooting with a very bad cold, non-stop coughing and a massive headache. That did not stop me [from] doing what I love. [After the shoot] I went to the airport to come back home to see my 2 princesses. Arriving there, [I found out] my flight was over 3 hours delayed. I fly from NYC to Miami. Just got home at 2 a.m. [I'm] happy to be here. And [I just] wanted to share the face of a hard working model, and share that I am not the only one that works this hard. Thank you. And I hope my message doesn't get misunderstand. Love you all.

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Her honesty is a breath of fresh air.

The model is no stranger to giving us an insight into what it really takes to be a supermodel, posting lots of sweaty gym shots too. (After all, those long limbs don’t tone themselves).

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Adriana, you're a total GIRL BOSS.

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