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5 Post-College Expenses You Didn't See Coming

Who knew 'grown-up' clothes would cost so much?!
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When you were in college, unless you moved out early or got a part-time job, your parents probably covered all of your expenses. And we're not just talking about your textbooks and project materials. We mean everything; even if you thought, "Oh, I'm using my own money to pay for this," your "own money" was the allowance they gave you. That's why after graduation, so many people are shocked at all the little expenses that add up:

1. Taxes

We're convinced that only finance majors actually learned about taxes in college. It's one of those ~adulting~ terms you heard but brushed off because, hey, you didn't have to worry about them yet. Fast forward to your first paycheck, and you see random acronyms of things you didn't know you had to pay for. 

2. Work clothes

Unless you work for a casual, millennial-friendly company or a company that requires uniforms, chances are, you needed a lot of money to build a professional wardrobe. This isn't the easiest thing to do especially because one good quality dress can already cost P1,700. 

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3. A big-girl bag

You couldn't exactly stroll into a multinational corporation with your college backpack (yes, the one with all the pins and patches), right? 

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4. Phone bill

Because most of us still live at home, we don't have to shoulder all of our bills just yet. But things do change; you can't exactly rely on your parents to pay for everything anymore, right? And many young professionals start taking responsibility by paying for their own bill.  

5. Repairs

Did you rip your new blazer? Did you break a heel? Did your phone charger just stop working? Before you became an adult, you'd just leave that in your room and come home to it fixed, but these days, that's not something you can (or should) burden your parents with. 

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