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At 20, This Guy Is Flying Around The World For A Living

Is it time for a career change?
PHOTO: Instagram/alexlhr

Are you passionate about globetrotting? As an alternative to your ~dream job~ of becoming a flight attendant, you could also aspire to be an aviation analyst. More than wanting to travel for a living, a deep love of airplanes is also a must. Take it from 20-year-old Alex Macheras.

The travel bug bit Alex at an early age. He told Insider: “My family used to joke that at eight years old, I could do the safety demo in five different languages.” When he was 14, Alex started tweeting about his analysis of planes and of the aviation industry, in general. That’s when a U.K. radio station called LBC discovered him: “I was [tweeting about] whatever was in the news at the time, and explaining everything on Twitter. They approved me to go on air. My age was an unspoken thing—I was doing LBC for years before anyone knew I was young.”

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But what exactly does an aviation analyst do? Well, Alex’s main responsibilities include going on airplanes’ first flights, testing seats in various cabins—complete with VIP perks—before they’re delivered to airports for commercial use. He also gets to visit factories where the planes are made, relax in exclusive lounges, and participate in ceremonies of the plane deliveries. Alex talks about his findings on air and writes reviews online.

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And he doesn’t take any of it for granted: “I still gaze up into the sky, see a Singapore Airlines A350 and know that 4F was my bed for that first flight.”

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