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Anne Curtis Shares Her Money-Saving Tips + Favorite Forms Of Self-Care

At 18, she became hands-on with her money and savings.

Many of us know that Anne Curtis started working at a very young age, having entered the industry when she was only 12 years old. Since then, we've seen her evolve as an actress and a host. In the recent years, she's also blossomed as an entrepreneur. And now, Anne wears another hat as she dedicates most of her time to baby Dahlia.

During Manulife Philippines' "Ready, Set, #Goals" webinar, Anne opened up about how her relationship with money has changed since her career began. She tells host Luis Manzano, "I was fairly young. Ang talent fee ko [was] P1,200. When I was 12, of course, I did not handle my finances at the time. My parents were the ones who were setting aside all of my savings. It was only when they turned it over to me at the age of 18 that I really got to be hands-on with my own money and savings. But before they turned it over to me, they did teach me about the way of life and how to that when they turned over my savings, I was prepared."

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Anne Curtis gives money tips
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Like us, she was given a small allowance back then, so she really had to figure out where that would go. Gimmick ba o a nice meal? She didn't exactly have a financial advisor back then, but Anne shared that her then-road manager taught her to have a "quota" for herself for the year: "Siyempre when you have a quota, hindi mo dapat tinitipid yung sarili mo. You set a reasonable and attainable quota for yourself and once you reach that, that extra money that you have, that's when you can spoil yourself a little bit more."

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And we found out that she and sister Jasmine Curtis, who was also one of the speakers, both "compartmentalize" their money. Anne, for instance, has a category for donations and charity; for tax, so that whenever she gets an amount, nakahiwalay na yung babayaran niya sa tax; her quota money, which is for savings; and one for everyday gastos.

Of her businesses, Anne recalled, "When I first came up with BLK, everyone knows how much I love lipstick, how much I love cosmetics. I really wanted to come up with my own brand that would reach out to my fellow Filipinas and something that was attainable for them, so that's why I started that business." She continued, "When you become a little bit more mature, you realize that you really have to have a back-up plan, a business, because being in this industry will not be forever. So how will [I] continue to provide for [myself] and [my] family? But of course, in the beginning, I've also had failed businesses...I invested in a restaurant and it didn't go the way that I had thought it would." ICYDK, Anne recently co-founded *another* business called Recess, an activewear line. 

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Now that she has a family, her spending habits have changed. The new mom said, "I have to think [about] her future. Do I really need a pair of shoes, 'di ba? Puwedeng kay Dahlia na lang. It's really changed the way I handle my expenses and my savings." 

Though she's busy taking care of Dahlia, Anne doesn't forget to find time for herself. These days, she has two forms of self-care: books and skincare. Books are a way for her to feed her mind and her soul, and since she's just at home, she's had more time to pamper her skin. 


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