What To Avoid Posting On Social Media To Land The Job You Want

Social media is a source for potential employers to learn about you.
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Historically, a good CV and a winning interview are the two requisites in landing a new job, but increasingly employers are turning to social media to find out more about prospective candidates.

As we all know, social mediawhether Instagram, Twitter, or Facebookis a tool to market ourselves and to show the world who we are. So when we're job hunting, it makes sense to be considered about what we post. That's not to say that you have to masquerade as a vegan usually found working late if that's not who you are, but it does pay to act with caution.

Here, financial advisory service Finance shares its pointers about what to avoid sharing on social media if you really want to bag your dream job.

Be careful of where you check in.

"'Checking in' your destination at every opportunity has fast become the norm. However, when conducting a job search perhaps it is not wise to highlight every mid-week party that you attend. It is crucial that you present yourself as a proficient expert within your field who is reliable. Declaring that you are on your fifth drink because 'Wednesday is the new Thursday and Thursday is the new Friday', is probably best left off Instagram. Employers will immediately believe that you are likely to either not perform at your best or not turn up at all."

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Avoid overly opinionated bios.

"Whether it's an innocent declaration of your interests, a vague description that makes you bang on trend or a monologue of everything that makes you tick, it is best to be mindful of your bios. It might be wise to stay away from brash political statements (unless relevant to your industry) and your annoyances at the world and stick to likeable, positive comments."

Limit your selfies.

"A selfie is commonplace on a social-media pagebut there's a time and place. Save the selfies for the likes of Instagram and Facebook and keep them away from LinkedIn. Instead, adopt a professional image that portrays you as a qualified and responsible person."

Check your privacy settings.

"We have all been guilty of changing our social media privacy settings and assuming that all is okay with regards to employers viewing our profiles. However, it's worth remembering that anybody on Facebook can view other people's images that you are tagged in. Make sure that you have reviewed ALL your privacy settings, including those terms and conditions that may vary when transferred to mobile."

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Go easy when following your prospective employers social pages.

"When winning an interview for a role, it can be tempting to follow all the company’s social accounts and posting all relevant articles to the role in hand. However, this sudden interest in a company can see a little disingenuous and fake. It is wise to consistently comment on news within your industry throughout your social channels to show that you have a genuine interest."


This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com/uk. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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