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Study Says People With Baby Faces Are More Successful

Looking younger than you actually are has its perks!
PHOTO: Instagram/coleengarcia

We've talked about the struggles of being baby-faced. Last year, our May cover girl, Coleen Garcia, even dished about it:

But, as with everything else in life, there are benefits to looking like you’re drinking from the fountain of youth. You can save money on age-defying products; it’s easier to get out of trouble; you can shop in the kids’ section without fear of judgment. 

And apparently, you’re more successful?!

A study published in Psychological Science wanted to know if leaders with baby faces would be more well-off, and the answer is HELL YES: “Baby-faced individuals evoke feelings of warmth, trust, and cooperation, while minimizing feelings of threat and competition…” 

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An article on Science of Relationships refers to this as “The Kylie Jenner Effect”: “Adults show a preference for and make more positive evaluations of infant faces when compared to adult faces, with these positive evaluations of infants most pronounced amongst females.” This is because baby faces evoke “caretaking” responses; they look like they want to be nurtured.

So work that face, baby.  

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