6 Career Lessons To Get The Growth You Need

No matter what industry you're in.
PHOTO: Nick Onken
  1. When you're just starting out, volunteer for every extra task.

    Yes, even the ones that are outside of your job description. If it's something you believe you can do well, take that opportunity. Every additional task is an opportunity to learn and develop skills in your field.
  2. Any kind of feedback is good. 

    If you're doing a stellar job, compliments never hurt; and if you need to improve in certain areas of your work, it's better to hear it directly from your boss than to be blindsided by penalties, or worse, by office gossip. If you do receive negative feedback, don't sweat it. Everyone makes mistakes and that includes your boss. 
  3. Be a team player. 

    Yes, you have specific goals and expectations, but don't forget about the rest of your team. Some people can perform well solo, but others need support and encouragement. If you see someone struggling, don't hesitate to lend a hand, even if it means putting your own work on hold for a little bit. Being part of a team means working with everyone's strengths and weaknesses.

  4. Let management know what you want. 

    This one's tricky for a lot of people, but especially for women. We've been trained to fear the idea of being "pushy" or "naggy." But letting your boss know what you want out of your career is necessary. Even if you think your performance speaks for itself, voicing your goals and expectations can't hurt. 
  5. Even the *perfect job* isn't always ~the dream~.

    Sure, you could be doing what you love, but nothing is perfect. Maybe you have irregular hours. Maybe you have that *one* officemate who's just sooo annoying. Maybe it takes you three hours to get to work. Whatever it is, keep things in perspective. Think about what matters to you and cling to *those* perks because you know, deep down, it's worth it. 
  6. That said, your idea of a dream job can change. 

    Like how people change and evolve as the years go by, your passions don't (and aren't required to) stay the same. One day, you might find yourself no longer feeling inspired. If that happens, don't be afraid of starting over and changing your career path. 

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