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Fun Fact: These College Courses *Could* Get You Into Med School

Like Economics and Sociology.
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Pursuing medicine as a profession takes years of preparation, and part of it is choosing a pre-med course that would help you lay the groundwork for that career path. Aside from the usual biology-heavy college majors that many aspiring doctors take, there are also other pre-med options that aren't as commonly taken.

Most med schools in the country will accept applicants who are graduates of any bachelor's degree, as long as they have taken the required amount of units in relevant subjects like Science, Chemistry, Physics, and more. If you're currently ~not~ taking a pre-med course but hope to pursue it one day, there's still hope!

Here are are a few college majors that can also be considered your pre-med course:

BS Chemistry

Even though many pre-med students take up a biology-related major as pre-med, Chemistry is still somewhat a popular choice for aspiring doctors. The prescribed curriculum for Chemistry includes subjects in biochemistry, inorganic and organic chemistry, and analytical chemistry, among others, which will prove advantageous once you're in med school.


BS Nursing

While the primary track for BS Nursing is to become registered nurses, it can also qualify as a pre-med choice. The curriculum of BSN includes subjects relevant in the pre-med track, such as biochemistry, anatomy & physiology, microbiology, and more. 

BS Economics

Economics might not be the first thing you'd think of when coming up with a pre-med course, but it can actually work for it, too. Among the basic courses in the curriculum of Bachelor of Science in Economics are accounting, algebra, trigonometry, and other math subjects. An Economics major's background in dealing with numbers and graphs can actually prove beneficial once they're in med school. 

Sports Science 

Sports Science is an interdisciplinary field aimed at instilling an extensive understanding in fitness, sports coaching, and management. Because part of the degree program touches on health, many of the subjects in its curriculum tackle relevant topics like anatomy, cardiorespiratory fitness, and musculoskeletal fitness.

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Sociology is primarily a BA degree, but in some ways, it can also help aspiring doctors in their pre-med journey. A degree in Sociology involves immersing oneself in social science theories and cultural concepts and using learnings from these to address social issues and problems. While medicine is predominantly concerned with hard sciences, a background in Sociology may help in better understanding and interacting with patients (who are, first and foremost, humans!) to further learn about where they come from and how their sociocultural backgrounds play into their medical conditions.