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The Worst Things People Have Said On Job Interviews

Straight from the bosses themselves.

Applying for a job is one of the most nerve-racking experiences anyone can ever have. So it’s pretty forgivable when applicants mess it up sometimes.

There are exceptions, though. We spoke to top-ranking bosses from different industries who revealed the craziest things they've heard from potential unlikely hires.

Are you applying for your dream job rn? Yeah, don't be these people:

1. “One intern applicant emailed me out of the blue asking for our office address. I asked her why she needed it, and she said it was so that she could tell her guidance counselor about the internship. At this point, she hadn't even applied formally! I ignored her email thinking that she would get a hint, but she didn’t. She followed up twice, sending the same email.  I finally replied to her saying that some of the qualities we look for in interns is that they need to be resourceful and diligent when they need something. I wished her luck and I didn’t hear from her since.”

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2. “This girl I interviewed has worked for five companies already, but she never stayed beyond a year because she kept on filing sexual harassment cases. She even cried a little during the interview. I later learned from friends that she was just trying to get my sympathy because she never won the harassment cases she filed from her previous jobs, since most of them were exaggerated.

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3. “I asked an applicant why she decided to leave her previous company. She said it was because she had a secret office affair and people started to get suspicious, so she got so paranoid and chose to leave the company to protect the guy and continue their love affair in secret. TMI!”

4. “My friend who is in sales interviewed this guy and asked, 'Are you OK to go to malls and hand out flyers?' The applicant answered 'No.' Then my friend who interviewed him asked why, of course. He answered, "Because I don't talk to strangers.'

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5. “I remember an applicant saying he served as an SK (Sangguniang Kabataan) chairman. So I said, 'You must be good with people and influencing others. Can you give me an example of an instance where you executed your campaign and demonstrated good PR skills?' The applicant then said, 'Oh, we were just 14 voters and all were my friends. Plus, my dad was a councilor.'”

6. “I received a slew of internship applications last year with no cover letters. It only had their names and what schools they’re from. No greeting. Nothing. They just submitted their CVs.”

7. “I interviewed this person who was dying to get an internship with us, a fashion magazine. But she knew NOTHING about fashion. She tried to persuade me that she was a fashion writer, but she had no idea what she was talking about. She didn’t have a favorite designer, she didn’t know about cuts or silhouettes, nothing!

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8. “There was a girl who was highly recommended to be an editor. A former colleague said she was a great writer and was social media-savvy. So I emailed her and gave her a writing test one Monday, explaining that it was due Thursday of the same week. That Wednesday, I reminded her to attach her CV. Then, she replied that she couldn’t meet the deadline, because she was leaving for Paris that weekend. I asked if she could pass it on Friday, before she leaves, but she said she thinks she could write better in Paris! She even asked why I needed to see her writing so soon, and I explained that I had to see if her style was a good fit [for the brand]. I stopped replying after she asked if this was for a full-time job. What if she had to write on the spot? Will she have to go to Paris pa?”

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9. “I gave this one applicant a writing test and she replied, ‘I don’t have time to do your writing test. Here’s a link to all my works. P.S. What are the work hours anyway and what is the salary?’”

10. “One applicant for the publishing assistant position said, ‘For your information I don’t do admin work.’”

11. “I asked an applicant why she wanted to join Preview. She said it was because she loved fashion and fashion magazines. When asked what specific magazines she read, she said, ‘Reader’s Digest.’”

12. “A fresh graduate applied for a job. I asked for his expectations for his first job, and he said, ‘Work-life balance.’

13. “I keep getting intern applications that are addressed to the wrong people! Today, I got one that began with ‘Dear Mr. Cruz and Ms. Santos…’ I replied to the email asking who Mr. Cruz and Ms. Santos were.”

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14. “I work in a publishing company, and I receive a lot of internship applications. One email read, ‘I’m a broadcasting major and I’d like to intern for one of your shows.’ I replied saying, ‘We don’t have any.’

15. “Me: ‘Why do you think you are qualified for the post?’

Applicant: ‘I'm a Leo. Powerful and loves to party!’

Me: ‘How do you want to be managed?’

A: ‘By you? According to my research, you're a Libran. We're compatible.’”

16.  An applicant did a long intro about herself, talked about her credentials, sample articles which were about celebs, and gushed about Piolo Pascual! She also eagerly told me, “I am willing to work long hours and during weekends. I just want to be part of your team. I'm a Cosmo girl. I love Cosmo!" I said, “Hija, ito.” She answered, “Ay, ba? Ay, wrong!”

17. “Before I found my three superstar stylists, I had to interview dozens of new interior design grads. One of them was a princess-y young lady, whose portfolio of work and writing samples sadly didn't measure up to the haughtiness with which she carried herself, but I decided to interview her anyway since she showed up in the office.

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Since our photo shoots are mostly held in a studio dressed up to look like a home, it is part of the stylist's duties to pull out everything, including sofas, and occasionally, even the kitchen sink! So I always ask stylist applicants if they are willing (and physically able) to do this.

Me: ‘Are you willing to borrow actual furniture pieces and decor from stores, bring them over to the shoot location—with some messenger assistance, of course—and then return them immediately after?’

Princess Applicant: ‘No, I won't, of course not.’

Me: ‘Why not?’

PA: ‘Because I've never lifted anything in my life.’”

* So I asked her to pick up her portfolio (Uy, she lifted it!) and leave the room.

18. “There was one new college grad who applied for an editorial assistant position. This was way before the "millennial" term was coined, but she was one. When I saw her birthdate, it matched the exact date I entered college! The applicant was nineteen years old.

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Me: ‘Wow! You were born the same month and year I went to college!’

Young Applicant: *silence*

Me: ‘You are just so bagets!’

YA: ‘Ma'am, ano po ang ibig sabihin ng bagets?’”

19. "I asked, 'What are your strengths and weaknesses?' Medyo nine-nerbyos yung applicant yata, so she blurted out, 'I'm good at stalking!' Hahahaha."

20. "There was this girl I interviewed and I asked her, 'How do you handle stress?' She answered, 'Stresstabs lang.' LOL"