Damaging Work Habits You Need to Drop ASAP

The smallest things make the biggest differences.

Wondering why you don’t seem to be performing as well as you thought you'd be at work? It’s possible that some of your work habits are getting in your way. Make some changes to your behavior, stat!

1. Being late
It’s not always possible to achieve a perfect attendance record, but you should still try your hardest not to be tardy. It doesn’t matter if you’re only late by five minutes or 10—that small window could mean everything in a million-peso deal. That said, you should also do you best to meet all of your deadlines. Don’t procrastinate even if you think you have more than enough time to accomplish a task—it’s never wise to tempt fate.  

2. Throwing tantrums
No one wants to hear that their work is sub-par or learn that someone’s been spreading malicious gossip about them, but banging your things and stomping your feet won’t help your case either. Handle yourself with more grace. If it’s a criticism about your work, seek to improve. If it’s about a particular rumor, try to clear things up. Only children are allowed to have tantrums.

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3. Gossiping about other people or your company
If you’ve ever been the subject of an office rumor, then you know how damaging it can be to your reputation. However, gossiping about your co-workers or even the very enterprise you work for can also backfire on you. “If you don't want to run the risk of losing your job or your position of authority, stay far away from idle gossip about your co-worker's personal and professional lives,” reports Life Hacker. “Remember that you go to your workplace simple for one reason, and that is to work and to do your job efficiently.”

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