How To Feel Better About Your First Job

It doesn't have to be a nightmare.
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Unless you're switching careers, your entry-level job is probably your first "real" job after college. And it's probably more overwhelming than you anticipated. Not only are you learning so many things at once, you're probably getting the bulk of the office bitch work. It happens. You might even start questioning if you've got what it takes (you do). But just in case you need help in adjusting to your new position, here are some survival tips: 

1. Test yourself. 

Making something more challenging for you when you're already overwhelmed might sound counterproductive, but you should do whatever it takes get the most out of your entry-level job. Stay on top of whatever's happening in your industry. Start your day by reading the news. Familiarize yourself with how things work and how shit gets done. Subscribe to newsletters. Look for leaders in your industry on LinkedIn, and find out how they did it. 

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2. Accept your mistakes. 

As much as you don't want to fuck up, you probably will. Anybody who's started anything has. You can't avoid it. And guess what? No one on your team expects you to get it right away. Perfection can't be attained (and that applies to everything outside of work as well, CG).

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3. Dress up!

While we're all about dressing for comfort, incorporating something in your look that makes you feel powerful and capable can go a long way. Wear whatever helps you stand straighter and approach people and tasks with more confidence. And we don't have to remind you that your favorite lippie can change everything! 

4. Get to know your peers.

You spend the majority of your day with these people. Take the time to know who they are outside of work. Forming bonds with people you work with can make the job seem a little less daunting, and if you're lucky, even more enjoyable! 

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5. Wake up earlier. 

No, we're not masochists. Waking up earlier than you usually do can give you time for yourself—something you might not know you're missing. And no, sleeping doesn't count as "me" time. In the morning, while everyone's still asleep, you can work at a slower pace; you can take care of yourself. Read a chapter of your favorite book. Watch YouTube videos with a cup of coffee. Recharge. 

6. Exercise!

It's true what they say: you gain weight when you join the workforce. If you're working at a desk for hours during the day, welcome to the sedentary lifestyle! But it doesn't have to be this way. You can actually do exercises in your own cube. Get creative in how you sneak in little workouts here and there. Your new job is important, but your health should be a top priority. 

7. Embrace Sunday as a pre-Monday.

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Prepare for the week ahead. Lazy Sundays are great, but when you're starting out, it might be more productive to use that day to organize your calendar, get your meals ready, clean your space, or even exercise! It'll make you feel more in control of your life, and can help ease from the stress of your new job. 

Source: The Financial Diet

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