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ICYDK, These Are The Fastest Growing Technology-Related Skills In The Philippines

According to data from LinkedIn.
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People with jobs in the digital space can probably relate to having family members—even those with the very best intentions—who don't quite understand what it is you do. I once told my dad that it matters how long a person reads an online article, and he clicked on one of mine and left his phone on while we were eating lunch, lol (but also: thank you, huhu). 

It takes a lot to work in such a fast-paced environment, and small and medium businesses (SMBs) alike are looking for tech-savvy employees all the time! And it's more than just "being on social media." 

According to data from LinkedIn, these are the technology-related skills that have the highest year-on-year growth among SMBs:

  1. Graphic design
  2. Social media
  3. Spreadsheet
  4. User experience design
  5. Email management
  6. Virtual assistant
  7. React native
  8. Back-end web development
  9. Data visualization
  10. Transcription

SMBs are looking to the younger generations to help them grow. If you're currently looking for a job and have no idea how to start, here's a quick guide from LinkedIn.

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