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These Filipinas are *Smashing* Glass Ceilings at Cambridge and We're Here to Take Cues

Get to know the inspiring and empowering stories of women at Cambridge University Press & Assessment's office in Manila, Lea Verdejo, Loi Bulong, Tina Dela Cruz, Twyla Urbano, Jamie Ferrer and Jenna Vicencio.

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Women empowerment has undoubtedly made remarkable strides in our country—just take a moment to appreciate how far we've come! In case you didn't know, we proudly secured the fourth spot among 36 world economies when it comes to women representation in leadership roles, according to a 2022 report. Impressive, right? (And yes, we even outshone Germany!)

But, there's more work to be done! To help women land power roles faster and equip them once they’re there, workplaces should add more structures that empower mothers, pregnant women, and those in traditionally male-dominated industries, like Information Technology (IT).

Enter the inspirational Filipina leaders at Cambridge University Press & Assessment's office in Manila, a multinational tech hub that fully embraces equality, diversity, and inclusion. Read on to get to know these trailblazers and how they're championing positive change in the workplace.

Meet the women power players at Cambridge

From left to right: Janet Scotcher, Chief People Officer; Carolyn Robson, Technology Director, Academic; Jennalyn Vicencio, Finance Controller; Tina Dela Cruz, Head of Quality Assurance; Twyla Grace Urbano, Engineering Manager (Web Development); Lea Aquino-Verdejo, Head Of Quality Assurance; Jamie Ferrer, Head of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging; Anna Eloisa "Loi" Bulong, Content Services Manager  


Meet Jamie Ferrer, the Head of the Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (EDIB) group, who works to implement and strengthen the global EDIB strategy across Cambridge. As a true advocate of EDIB, Jamie devotes her time and effort to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and feel a strong sense of belonging.

Jenna Vicencio, the Finance Controller, is a powerhouse in managing financial excellence for Cambridge's Manila operations. 

Lea Verdejo, as the Head of Quality Assurance at English Technology, thrives in an environment that values women's unique perspectives in decision-making and problem-solving.

Loi Bulong, the Content Services Manager, once had reservations about entering the male-dominated tech industry. With unwavering support from her colleagues, she has been fueled with determination and confidence to succeed.

Tina Dela Cruz, who leads the Quality Assurance for the Education Technology Group, appreciates the support she receives from both the UK and Manila management. Empowered to explore new horizons and unleash her creativity, she sets an inspiring example for others.

Last but not least, Twyla Urbano, the Engineering Manager of the English Technology Group, exemplifies limitless possibilities in the male-dominated tech industry, rising from Junior Java Application Developer to managerial roles.

Empowering initiatives for women at Cambridge

Cambridge is committed to empowering women in leadership roles within the IT field, and they've implemented several remarkable initiatives to support them. We had a chance to talk to some of the women about their favorite programs!

Jenna shared: "Women in Manila is my absolute favorite! It's all about nurturing and supporting women's careers at Cambridge." One of their recent programs, Moms-at-Work-Lifeline, provides a supportive community for working mothers at Cambridge.

"It's not easy being a working mom — balancing kids, family, and responsibilities at home and work. Having a support group that offers guidance, inspiration, and solutions to common challenges is a tremendous help," shared Jenna, who actively attends with Tina.

On the other hand, Lea shared her enthusiasm for Women in Technology, a group that focuses on women's career progression. This initiative guides women through structured career paths to help them reach their career aspirations.

As for EDIB Head Jamie Ferrer? “One of my favorite things is our staff networks, which extend globally. I appreciate the community, support, development, and experience they offer to their members and partners.”

Real talk: Career journeys and the power of support

Step into Cambridge, and you'll immediately notice how conversations about inclusion and support for women flow freely. This openness has created a healthy and empowering environment for all of Cambridge's women employees!

“Discussions on inclusion, development, and support give individuals the platform to share their goals, seek support, gain a wider perspective, and continually plan for their advancement in Cambridge. This also means much better outcomes for diverse and promising female talent.”?Jamie explained.

Tina offered her own experience as an example. "With the demands of work and motherhood, you tend to neglect your own goals as a person. However, my manager and colleagues have been a lifeline, reminding me not to be consumed by work alone."

Twyla also shared how she was mentored during one of her most challenging roles in Cambridge. "Having a mentor from Cambridge made all the difference. She helped me understand situations from a UK cultural perspective, taught me to embrace vulnerability, and be open to feedback and advice," Twyla said.

Crushing it as leaders in tech

These women have defied stereotypes and proven their prowess as successful leaders in an industry often considered a ~man's turf~. Their key to success? The support of people and structures that level the playing field.

Lea faced a challenging decision between motherhood and a promotion. She shared, "I declined the role of Quality Assurance Manager when pregnant, but after giving birth, they offered it again, and I accepted. Cambridge's inclusive workplace provided flexible arrangements and development opportunities, helping me navigate the challenges of being a first-time mom while progressing in my career."

Jamie shares how Cambridge gives her the space to grow as a leader. “In the early part of my professional life, I struggled to strike the perfect balance of what I thought was the essential need to be as strong and driven as most men while also being as nurturing and collaborative as most women.

“When I started working in organizations that champion EDIB, it became clear to me that the best thing I could do is to be myself. From there I could exemplify these traits by bringing my best strengths to the table. Here at Cambridge, I am given multiple opportunities to contribute differently so that I could add value and enable impact in as many ways as possible in the work that I do.”

Twyla highlighted that she receives the same opportunities as her male counterparts. Cambridge doesn't subscribe to the bias that being talented in technology isn't inherent to women.

As one of the chairs of Women in Manila, Loi found her calling, sharing her skills and advocacies with women both within and beyond the workplace.

“[With the right structures and support], women feel confident knowing that the organization cares and will take action on what they feel is important to their effectiveness, growth, sustainability, and future success,” Jamie quipped.

Celebrating a Great Place to Work® certification at Cambridge

Cambridge's office in Manila has proudly earned the Great Place to Work® certification, a notable achievement since it’s based on gold standard benchmarking where 100 million employees worldwide are surveyed on workplace excellence. Cambridge’s commitment to empowering women and its many initiatives are part of what makes it an exciting place to work.

"We actively encourage and support women to seize opportunities in fields traditionally perceived as 'men's turf.' Moreover, we firmly believe that being a wife, partner, mother, or caregiver should never hinder professional growth,” shared Loi.

Jamie agrees, “We are on a continuous journey to embed EDIB in every part of what we do here at Cambridge… I am very excited to be part of a team that is carving a good space for everyone to reach their potential. For women, this is a particularly exciting time because it means even more opportunities for contribution; mentorship; development; recognition; advancement; and fulfillment.”

Exciting times lie ahead for Cambridge's women employees as the company continues to pave the way for a more inclusive and empowering workplace. Women in Manila, with its proactive approach, has an array of networking activities, career talks, and training sessions in the pipeline. With such dedicated efforts, Cambridge is fostering an environment where women can thrive, grow, and reach even greater heights in their careers!

Pursue your potential at Cambridge today! Check out the available opportunities by visiting Cambridge's online career hub at and follow Cambridge University Press & Assessment Manila on Facebook for updates.

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