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Why You ~*Shouldn't*~ Borrow Money From Your Partner, And Other Financial Advice To Follow

Time to learn some financial etiquette. 
Best Financial Tips For Filipino Couples
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You’re in a new relationship and already looking forward to forever. Sure, you’re highly compatible, he’s a walking green flag, and he’s great at romance. What could probably go wrong? 

Well, money matters and several studies have already shown it’s a common reason relationships fail. Hence that not-so-glamorous topic deserves a conversation in these early stages of love. 

Straight from the playbook of financial guru Salve Duplito, here’s the lowdown on how to handle your cash without drowning in misunderstandings.

Money Talk and Honesty

Alright, folks, honesty is the best policy. If your wallet’s not feeling the love for an extravagant night out, be upfront about it. A real partner will totally get it and might even prefer a cozy night in with pizza and Netflix anyway!

“Be transparent if you don’t have a budget for a date or other things. If your SO truly likes you, he or she won’t mind a simple night at home,” said Duplito. 


Do you remember the P299 engagement ring debate? That would have been settled if early on, both parties knew what the expectations were. But yeah, that's another story. 

Can You Borrow Money From Your Partner?

Now, this is tricky. Sure, you may be eyeing to stay true to “in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer” down the road. But the high rule in relationships? Never borrow from your partner.

“Do not borrow money nor offer to loan your partner money. Even if they tell you it’s okay,” said Duplito. 

Keep those wallets zipped! Avoid lending or borrowing cash, even if your sweetheart insists it’s no biggie. Money between lovebirds? Nope, not a good mix. 

Another rule when lending moneyonly lend what you're willing to lose. Just in case you break up. Ouch. 

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Money, Meet Independence

Joint accounts? Not so fast! Until you've both painted the town together a few more times, solo accounts are the way to go. Let’s not rush into financial marriages just yet, shall we?

Joint accounts might seem like a step forward in a relationship, but in the early stages, it’s advisable to maintain separate accounts. This maintains financial independence and minimizes potential complications. Even if you live together, or even if you trust your partner 100 percent.

Hands Off the Finances

Your partner's bank balance is like their guilty pleasure playlistpersonal! No snooping around or asking to peep into their accounts. Let's keep that respect intact. TL;DR? Do not ask to look into their accounts. 

Speedy Repayments are Key

Did your date splurge when you meant to foot the bill? Pay up ASAP! Don't let a delayed payment ruin your romantic soundtrack. It’s not just about the money; it’s about showing you’re responsible too!


“Do not ask them to pay for something you bought or spent for, even if you promise to pay them immediately. If they end up doing this for you, do pay immediately,” said Duplito. 

Fair Share, Fair Play

Equality, darlings! Stick to the "going Dutch" rule on dates and outings. While occasional treats are cute, balance is where the heart—and wallet—is at!

“As a rule, go Dutch on dates, vacations, or special trips. If your partner says they really want to pay, do so and show appreciation, but do not assume this is always how it should go,” said Duplito. 

Hush on the Money Talk

Hold off on giving your two cents about your partner's spending habits unless they ask. Nobody likes unsolicited advice, especially when it's about their moolah. 

“Do not comment on how your partner makes or spends money. Only give advice if they ask for it,” she said. 


Money and love are a tricky dance, especially when you’re still deciding if they're "the one." Essentially, you must keep your conversations honest, your pockets separate, and remember, no peeking into each other's piggy banks! When it comes to love and money, a little sassy etiquette goes a long way in keeping your romance afloat.

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