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4 Surprising Opportunities For Flight Attendants, According To JobStreet

Take this time to upskill.
4 Surprising Opportunities For Flight Attendants, According to JobStreet

The tourism and travel sector was heavily affected when it came to happiness. In the JobStreet COVID-19 August 2020 Job Report, quality of life in this industry dropped by -63 percent! As the world slowly recovers, there is good news: Airline travel is slowly opening up. But, the International Air Transport Association is not expecting international passenger volumes to return to 2019 levels until 2024. So if you're a flight attendant, you can use this time to enrich your skill set. When the airline and tourism sector bounce back, you will be better equipped. In fact, you can successfully pivot by exploring other opportunities for flight attendants.

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Other opportunities for flight attendants

Become a high-flyer in the insurance industry

When a major airline carrier started laying off flight attendants in 2020, they became the new workforce of a centuries-old industry looking to weather the pandemic. 


So what allowed former flight attendants to rise to the occasion? 

  • An insurance agent listens well to the needs of a client. A flight attendant listens to the needs of passengers and flight crew. 
  • Insurance agents process documents with insurance procedures. Likewise, flight attendants memorize manual after manual of safety, health, plane, and crisis protocols. 
  • Insurance agents explain the insurance packages that are available. A flight attendant speaks confidently into the microphone or to a passenger. 

Flight attendants should grab the opportunity to cross-train existing skills, especially transferable skills that can generate new employment opportunities. Once you embark on an actual flight, the hustle from the insurance industry will pay off. 

Train as a travel agent or expert

Most people, used to regular domestic or international travel, have been home-bound for a year. Now that everyone is learning to live with the virus, people are more cautious with travel safety.

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Equip yourself with knowledge of ongoing travel restrictions and protocols. This includes travel restrictions that are destination-specific.

Second, build connections with local tour operators and travel agents. Lastly, become affiliated with a travel agency or train to become one. Type "travel agents" with quotation marks, JobStreet has openings to consider once you become a travel agent. 

Despite the travel challenges in 2020, 2021 holds promise for the future of tourism, its emerging niches, and new travel styles. 

Tour virtually

In staying on-trend, virtual tours have become a creative way for tour guides to pivot during the pandemic. Museums, parks, art galleries, landmarks, or restaurants—they will make you feel like you are there. 

Inquire with your local tourism office for opportunities to train as a tour guide. In a survey taken by Travel Pulse, travelers are still hopeful, with a greater percentage willing to travel domestically first. 

Everything you pick up on the job prepares you for the time you can lift off. 



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