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How Much Fresh Grads Are Earning This Year

Here's what you need to know if you're planning on negotiating your salary.
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Think you're not being paid enough for all the ~*stress*~ your job entails? Think you're too young to understand if you negotiated for the right salary on your first job experience? The best way to know if you're being compensated fairly is to take a step back and figure out what your job requires, what you're capable of, and how your salary compares to each industry's standards.

Of course it's not always easy to get information on industry standards when it comes to salaries. For one thing, most companies have confidentiality clauses that keep employees from discussing their salaries with their peers (and for good reason). We got the low-down from our friends at Philippines to give you a peek on how much fresh grads from various industries are earning, so you know if it's time to ask your boss for a raise.

Below are the top 10 industries that offer the highest salaries on Philippines' latest Salary and Job Trends Report, based on unique jobs posted on the site from September to December 2016. 

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1. Law/Legal Services

Average fresh grad salary: P27,124

If you've recently completed your law studies and are looking for a job as a contract analyst, paralegal or law clerk, and legal researcher, you're in for a lot of luck. From average earnings of P21,232 in 2015, fresh graduates with law specializations are now paid an average of P27,124, overthrowing IT as the highest paying specialty industry in 2017. 

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2. Healthcare

Average fresh grad salary: P23,216

As the old saying goes: "Health is wealth." Those in the healthcare industry, especially the ones with jobs that require high-level specializations such as medical technologists, nursing aides, and occupational therapists, are paid at high rates throughout the years. In 2015, healthcare workers earned an average of P20,048, and this number rose to a steady climb by the end of 2016. On the flipside, the industry is a bit hard to penetrate without solid working experience.

3. Journalism

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Average fresh grad salary: P21,777

My dad and relatives used to tell me that I should change courses (I took up Mass Communications in college) because my number one passion—journalism—just doesn't pay well. Now, it looks like the numbers are proving them wrong by leaps and bounds. With the changing media landscape, content writers, brand writers, and even language translators are being paid way more than fresh graduates from decades ago.


4. IT-related

Average fresh grad salary: P21,703

From being the most generous salary provider in 2015, the IT industry now sits on the fourth place of Jobstreet's Salary and Job Trends Report. While there's very little growth in the average salary offering, we're pretty sure talented millennials can still try their luck in applying and negotiating for a higher rate, especially since IT is deemed one of the most fresh-grad-friendly industries out there.

5. Education

Average fresh grad salary: P21,457

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As a daughter of two teachers, I can pretty much tell you that teaching is a noble profession in that it doesn't pay enough—especially when you consider the amount of kids you're bound to teach in a country with a ballooning population. With the recent changes in the government's budget allocation for 2017, however, most public school teachers (fresh hires and long-term employees alike) already experienced pay hikes by the end of 2016. This resulted in a massive improvement for 2017's average salary offerings compared to a teacher's basic salary of P13,459 two years ago.

6. Actuarial Science/Statistics

Average fresh grad salary: P21,048

Yes, being good in math actually pays well. Statisticians and business analysts have high hopes for getting stable salary rates with actuarial science remaining on the list of well-paying industries for 2017. If you're looking for a job, or applying for a new one, make sure you brush up on your analytical and problem-solving skills because more and more employees are noticing that millennials need to improve in these key areas to succeed at work.

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7. Training & Development

Average fresh grad salary: P20,838

Product and sales trainers, training assistants, talent specialists, and instructors for various fields and specializations are proving to be stable careers as well. If you're starting to hate your low-paying desk job and have a passion for helping people advance in their careers, maybe you can find a job that fits your capabilities under this industry!

8. Banking/Financial Services

Average fresh grad salary: P20,092

People in the banking industry also experienced a steady growth in salary benefits. Fresh grads in 2015 were offered P17,449 on average while 2016 fresh grads have been offered an average of P20,092. A lot of banking and financial services positions are also under BPO companies, which are considered the highest provider of jobs for fresh graduates. In fact, over 60 percent of fresh grad positions being offered on are BPO-related.

9. PR/Communications

Average fresh grad salary: P20,055

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Working in PR has a lot of perks and that includes a steady salary rate, even for new workers. If you're looking for a job as a PR officer, a marketing associate, or a media relations manager, don't fret. Employers actually like hiring millennial applicants—especially in this field—because they said we are willing to learn, good at grooming, and are valuable team players. Who said millennials are entitled brats?!

10. Advertising/Media Planning

Average fresh grad salary: P19,960

Trust me, being in advertising can be stressful as heck. I've been witness to hundreds of rants from colleagues and former classmates about the perils (and advantages) of not having the usual 9-to-5 jobs in favor of a career that's creatively and analytically challenging. Brand assistants, graphic designers, social media managers, as well as media buyers and planners may be living on energy drinks and coffee all day long, but at least even fresh grads in the industry could get a chance at a higher starting rate compared to 2015, which showed an average salary offer of P18,653.

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Scared of not getting a job after graduation?

Note that a fighting spirit is your best bet to getting that position. According to Philippines Employers' Survey (conducted in February 2016 with 644 company respondents), the top three factors that affect a fresh grad's chance of getting hired include their attitude, field of study, and asking salary.

If you're not a fresh graduate and are confident about your working experience, know that compared to 2015 survey results, this year's employers tend to hire people who are willing to learn instead of those who know a lot already.  

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