6 People On The Most Grown-Up Thing They Bought Online

Peak #adulting, really.
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For most of us, we become adults as soon as we land our first job; for others, it might even be much sooner. Gone are the days when our parents paid for everything. And even if you’re not paying for *all* your bills right now, you’re probably covering most of your personal expenses. So we asked six Pinays for their most grown-up online purchases so far (because, let’s face it, that’s where all our guilty pleasures come from):

“I pay for all my bills—yes, every single one—and for my family’s internet bill. It’s one of the most mature moves I’ve made as an adult. Oh! I also took a step towards really caring about my health and signed up for a diet delivery service.” –Tanya, 30


“A year’s worth of third-party medical travel insurance. I travel a lot and usually get by without insurance. I just think, “Bahala na.” I thought I’d just try it as I was planning to be in New Zealand for a year. Turns out, I didn’t need it at all because travelers in NZ are covered for medical care resulting from accidents! –Lara, 28”


“I purchased a face serum from the brand's US site. I knew it was a lot cheaper there than it is here, but I still wasn't sure if I wanted to spend that much of my own money on a skincare product. After mulling it over for more than a month, the brand came up with a promo where a cute kikay kit filled with sample sizes of makeup and skincare products was given for a minimum purchase, and that's when I finally decided to buy it. I consider this a grown-up purchase because instead of buying it on a whim, I waited for an opportunity for the purchase to be super sulit, and it was because I paid around P2,900 for nine products total! –Patty, 24”

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“OMG—SUNSCREEN. I used to see it as a waste of money and an unnecessary purchase since you don’t see the benefits of it immediately. However, as I’ve become older and more aware of the damage the sun can do, I’m far more likely to put a layer on.” –Ashley, 26


“I pay for insurance every year. There’s a general sense of dread when I need to do it, but being able to do it makes me feel a little more secure when I sleep at night.” –Sandra, 27


“I’m going to sound a little cray but… tickets to Korea, sneakers shipped from Korea, and Korean skincare products. LOL! You get the idea.” –Gabby, 25

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